"Mia." He whispered.
"Hmm?" I moaned. The soft light of the morning making me squint.
"Last night was indescribable." He said.
"Mm-hmm." I nodded. I pressed my face farther into the bed, trying to go back to my wonderful dream full of fun and unexpected things. I met my dream guy (aha literally) in this dream.
"Mia. Wake up." He pressed my cheek. I opened my eyes all the way and stared at the boy i was laying beside.
It wasn't a dream...


4. Apologies are for the sorry

      "Hello    (Read this chapter as written. new character with specific dialect. Not typos)


      I entered my dorm room and flopped onto my bed.

       "Where the bloody hell were you!?"

       "Out." I said into my blanket


       “With what?"she laughed angrily. 

       "Does it matter?" I rolled my eyes. 

       "Of course it matters! What the hell, MIA? You never  stay out that late. No. Sorry. You never stay out all night.” 

       “Is it any of your business anyway?" I snapped. 

       “Of course it is! I dragged you to that party  you were my responsibility. I couldn’t live with myself if something would have happened to you.” She shook my shoulders. 

       “Kylie, I’m here, I’m alive, and I’m not going anywhere.” I put my hand on hers for reassurance. 

        “You better not.” She sighed with relief.

        “Have you seen my phone?” 

      Kylie pulled my phone out of her back pocket and tossed it onto my bed. 

      “Titania messaged you.” She said. I unlocked my phone to reply to her. 

         T- come in early. Things need discussed.

       I let out a loud groan and checked the rest of my messages. They were all from Kylie.

       "Why were you messaging me if you had my phone?" I asked.

       "I didn’t have your phone until the end of the night when I found it sitting on the kitchen counter at the party."

      "Well...thank you for grabbing it. I've got to go. I will... See you later." I  grabbed my work dress for the wedding out of my closet spot and headed out the door to meet Titania early.


      "Where are the damn cameras!" I heard her powerful voice boom from the entrance of the studio.

      "The last I saw them they were right in the storage room. They were packed away! i don't..." Thompsons frantic voice quivered.

      "Find them!" 

      I entered the other room with my dress over my arm.

      "Everything okay?" I asked.

      "Thompson! You're on probation for the night!" Titania stomped her foot. 

      "Yes ma'am."

      "Titania, the cameras are in my cubicle. You asked me to make sure they all worked yesterday morning, remember?" I switched the dress to my other arm. Titania's eyes widened.

      "That's right! Myla you're a life saver!" She squealed.

      "It's Mia." I said.

      "Fredrick! go get those cameras. Thompson you're still on probation. You. Misa. Follow me."

      Titania took short powerful steps down the halls of the studio.

      "My nephew came all the way from Paris to be a part of my company. I would appreciate it if you were the one who showed him the ropes. Now, I know you're only an intern but I think you're a great role model for Alexandre." 

      We entered another small room that was supposed to be remodeled for another set room. A boy sat spinning in one of our swivel chairs and drinking tea.

      "Alexandre. This is my favorite intern, Malina." She pushed me forward slightly. "She's going to show you the ropes. I will be back before the wedding starts. Plans have changed, Marina!  You  only have to do the ceremony!" She yelled as she exited the room. 

      "So..." I said, clicking my tongue to the roof of my mouth over and over again.

       "Call me Alex." He smiled. His accent was so soft. It still carried hints of his native tongue. The name came out as Alleecks.

      "My names Mia." I shook his hand.

      "I thought eet wass Malina." He chuckled.

      "Oh Gosh no. She never gets my name right. It's always something different." I laughed with him.

      "So what eez you're favourite thing to do here?" He asked.

       "I usually go to schools and take their pictures for memory books and stuff. I also sometimes take over photo shoots when Titania wants me to." I said.

      "Where do you go to scule?"

      "I attend East London. It's my junior year."

      "Really? I go zare too. I am a frayshman." He said.

      "That's really neat. I guess follow me and you'll get the basics."



      I packed away the new camera and locked the case. Titania was standing stiff as a board behind me.

      "Today was good. Everything went according to plan." She smiled. I couldn't help but snicker when thinking of her words.

                                         According to plan? Wedding? aha. It's Corpse Bride.

      "Yes. Everything went well." I agreed.

      "Are you heading home?" She asked.

      "After I take this to Thompson I am. Calling a cab and calling it an early night." I sighed. I picked the Camera case up and waved goodbye to Titania.

      "See you Monday." She waved back. I lugged the case to the company van where Thompson sat shielding the cameras for his probation.

      "How's it going in there?" 

      "Boring. I can't believe she gave me probation when you were the only person who even knew where the cameras were." He groaned from his seat in the back. He took the camera case from my hands and gently set it next to the others.

      "You must be freezing. The weather report says it's at least 30 degrees out." He zipped up his heavy duty coat.

      "I'll live." I laughed. "See you Monday Thompson."  

      "If I don't get fired by then." He slammed the van door shut and I headed down the sidewalk. I pulled my phone out of my purse to dial the number for the cab. 


      I started down the sidewalk and peered up at the sky. Small droplets of rain fell onto me and I cursed under my breathe. The rain quickly picked up and a loud crack of thunder and lightning lit up the sky. I started to run, looking for somewhere to take shelter when I recognized my surroundings. 

                                                                       Harry's house is around here.

      I looked around for his house and broke out into a run, coming up his steps. I rapped on the door, trying to get in. A couple moments of standing there the door opened. Harry stood there, leaning against his door frame, arms crossed. Rain hit his arms, but he clearly didn't care.

      "P-p-please let me in, i-i-it's freez-z-ing." I shivered.

      Harry narrowed his eyes.

      "I thought you didn't do this kind of stuff." He said.

      "And I d-d-don't. I'm s-s-sorry. Please." I begged. 

      "Apologies are for the sorry." He stood up straight.

      "Harold Styles I am freezing my ass off out here. Please. Let. Me. In." I said with chattering teeth.

     "Okay Amelia. But my names not Harold." He pulled me in.

      "And my names not Amelia." I shivered.

      "Finally. The first bit of information I get out of you." He smiled, his dimple showing and green eyes glistening. "I'll go get you some clean clothes." He peeled my soaked jacket from my also soaked body and laid it across the chair in the corner. 

      "Thank you." I said, Standing in his foyer dripping.

      "Anything for a friend."



      Sorry this one is short and nothing really happens. It's mostly a filler. Next chapter is already written out and just needs typed. I love the next chapter, it's my favorite... Lots happens...

       Can you guess what happens next? Stay tuned...


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