"Mia." He whispered.
"Hmm?" I moaned. The soft light of the morning making me squint.
"Last night was indescribable." He said.
"Mm-hmm." I nodded. I pressed my face farther into the bed, trying to go back to my wonderful dream full of fun and unexpected things. I met my dream guy (aha literally) in this dream.
"Mia. Wake up." He pressed my cheek. I opened my eyes all the way and stared at the boy i was laying beside.
It wasn't a dream...


8. another first timer

      "Harry." I warned. My fingers came to a halt and i looked over at him. "I'm trying to get this done. You being... Handsy isn't helping."

      "I'm bored of watching you type. Can't your thesis on... Whats most important when writing...A... novel... wait?" He looked back up at me, wrinkles formed under his eyes from squinting at my computer.

      "Harry." I sighed. He twiddled with my fingers, and brought them to his lips. Individually kissing each one.

      "Stop." I groaned.

      "Why stop something, that you really don't want stopped?" He challenged.

      "Because I have more important things to do than fool around right now." I jerked my hand back and Harry pouted.

      "This weekend was supposed to be fun." He said, trying to get a reaction from me.

      "And it will be... when I finish me thesis." I smiled.

       "Ugh. Fine. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry." He got up off the couch and headed toward the kitchen. A pang in my stomach easily resembled guilt. I didn't want Harry to be let down, but on the other hand I still have five thousand more words to write.

Harry just wants to be with you right now- angel

He's distracting you- devil

He's once in a lifetime guy! You can accept a B on a thesis right? With your over achieving you'll easily still pass with an A- Angel

Yeah, but that stupid low A will screw up her GPA and no place will want to hire someone with a GPA of 3.9_ Devil

      "Stop!" I snapped at myself.

      "You okay?" Harry popped his head into the living room.

      "Fine. fine. Just... Overthinking. I think I need a break." I sighed. Harry's face lit up.

      With the shake of my head, I finally gave in. I saved my thesis, shut my computer, and joined Harry in the kitchen.

      "What are you making?" I peered over his shoulder.

      "Tacos." He smiled.

      "Mmm. I love tacos." I jumped up on the counter and watched him slice the vegetables.

      "Tacos are my comfort food." He smiled up at me.

      "Am I really that awful that you need comfort? Comfort that I can't provide you with?" I scoffed in a dramatic way.

      "It's not you, It's me." He played along.

      "I can live with that. As long as I'm not the problem." I gave him a wide smile.

      "You're ruthless." His smile was wild, and beautiful. The look in his eyes that he gave me as he stared showed his lust.

      "I've been told so." I flicked my hair over my shoulder.

      Harry paused for a moment, staring at me.

      "Let's do something." He declared. 

      "Something as in..?"

      "Anything. Out. Walking. Singing. Anything. I have the oddest urge to... show you the world I admire." He said in a cheesy American accent.

      "Okay. You choose. I'll go get my coat on and wait by the door." I jumped off the counter and headed out of the kitchen.


      "Open your eyes." He said.

      "They are open." I glanced up at him.

      "No. I mean really open them." He smiled. "What do you see?"

      "A Christmas tree?" I laughed.

      "You suck at intuition." He shook his head. 

      "You're right. I wouldn't consider it my forum." I smiled.

      "I'm serious. Clear your mind. Tell me what you're thinking." He moved closer to me. I reached up and put my hand on his cheek.

      "I seriously don't want to look." I said. 

      "Then what would you like to do?" He smiled.

      "I think I'd like to kiss you."










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