Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


7. Danielle Black-7




By five o'clock PM in the bleak afternoon, I was gliding through the grim looking graves, as Cara smiled at me. She looked concerned over Prince Edward's betrayal. I saw that she wore a new black gown, (the same as I was wearing); she was eager to feel that Sara's attraction to me was deeply personal. I felt numb afterwards. Cara shook her head; I also shook my head, as well. 

"The Prince is in the dungeons. He is plotting his escape". 

"He will never escape", I said.

"He has a servant", Cara stated.

"Who?", I asked her.

"Stella Bloodstone", Cara answered.

And I shook my head, and pondered our next move.




Sara stared out of the ruined graves. She saw us. 

"I was concerned about you two", she said.

"Do you know Stella Bloodstone, Sara?", I asked her.

"Yes. She used to be my servant. She was a peculiar girl. She thirsted for blood. She wanted to be like the next Vampire Queen of Michigan", she answered. 

"I'm afraid that she's plotting to get Prince Edward out of the dark dungeons", I said. 

"That's impossible", Sara said.

"But I could happen", Cara added.

"Yes...But, to me, it's over".

And she shrugged her shoulders, and headed to the graves.




Jenny Roberts grabbed the new crucifix in her right hand. She rammed it into the forehead of her vampire mother; she head the unearthly yells, as she backed away in the dim looking hallway of her old house. She didn't know why Michigan was full of the raving undead; she shouted: "​Go away! I didn't invite you​", she said. The vampire screamed in agony. Then it spoke: "It's not over!​". Jenny, who was thirteen, wore a grey dress. Her black socks kept her warm. Her black shoes were polished. Her short, black hair was recently cut from the hairdressers. Her hazel eyes focused on the vampire who looked like her mother...but wasn't. Jenny knew that she had met a man recently named Jim Rhodes. The rumour was that he was a vampire. She believed in vampires after she read Bram Stoker's Dracula​ from 1897; she had read the hardcover illustrated version of Stephen King's 1975 classic ​'Salem's Lot ​that she bought from She gazed at the glass window. Her mother hissed at her; her forehead burned until it flew through the open hallway window that lead to her bedroom to the far left; to the far right was Jenny's bedroom. Jenny cried. She'd had remembered her father Donald Roberts had died from a trucking accident off I-275, in the hot June summer of 2011. He was forty years' old then. Jenny closed the window.

Then, by six o'clock PM, she dialled 9-1-1...and asked for the Michigan Police Department.


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