Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


6. Danielle Black-6




I was awake at 1:23 AM. 

I couldn't sleep because of the attacks on humans. I stared at the dark coffins. Cara shook her head, as if she wouldn't sleep without me. I knew that the vampires needed to be protected. Cara glanced at the tombs. All of my problems with the darkness created a sense of dread that coursed through my bones. Sara looked at the graves. 

"The Queen has declared that all vampires shouldn't attack humans. It's not in our nature....unless we drain their blood legally", she said.

"And now we're in trouble if there's further deaths", I told her.

"We have to do something before the Prince arrives", Cara said.

"Prince Edward".

"Yes, he's behind everything".

"Can he be stopped?", I asked her.

"No", she answered me.

And then I made a deal.

"If he can be stopped, I'll force him into a jail cell for a long time". I hoped that it was true. Sara grabbed a icy black dagger, and smiled at me.

"Tonight is the end of the attacks", she said.

And I agreed with her.




By 1:35 AM, I finally was asleep in my coffin. The city of Michigan wasn't alive. As I rested, the attacks hadn't claimed more victims, as  I dreamed of a better future.




The first rays of the bright Michigan sun hovered above the cemetery. Alison Dane stared at the dark coffin of her mother, Rita Dane. By nine o'clock AM, the wrought-iron gates were open. The caretakers were gone...and had been missing for three nights because of the vampire crisis. She watched several mourners had carried flowers in their hands; she watched them crying, their eyes were full of tears. Alison wiped away her long, brown hair. Her blue eyes focused on the shadows that filled the rotting graves. Suddenly she heard the sound of swishing. And, to her shock, she saw a body of her friend Shelby Darrow. She backed away. Then she was about to scream when a boy dragged her away from the graves in time to talk to her about the deaths of the locals in Michigan.




By six-thirty PM, I was awake. I was thinking about the vampire Prince Edward. He was three hundred years' old; he was tall and dressed in a long, black coat; he had black eyes. His black boots thudded onto the hard, grey, ground. "Why did you attack humans?", I asked him. He adjusted his grey hat with his pale hands. He gazed at me. 

"I had to drain their blood, and feed. And I turned them. It was something the Queen and King, my parents, never did do; it was my choice to do that. And now you're here to berate me". I shook my head. I didn't want vampires to attack humans for the wrong reasons; I shook my head. Then, before the whole story could be told, the Great Vampire King, and Vampire Queen, bared their sharp fangs. They glided in their long, black, coats...and gowns; they stomped on the cobbled path inside the cemetery. 

"It's over!", I said.

And Prince Edward grinned at me.

"Nothing is truly over, Danielle Black". He smiled, as he glided away towards the cavernous dungeons.




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