Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


5. Danielle Black-5




It was Midnight. And I was tired from the lack of blood that I needed to survive. I saw Cara giggle at me. I didn't smile; I never smiled. I saw a young girl in a white dress watching the black, wrought-iron gates. The caretakers were asleep; the girl wasn't supposed to be here.

"Go away!", I shouted. She glanced at the bite mark on her neck...and collapsed on the dirt nearby. I couldn't believe it. She was attacked by another rogue vampire...and she was doomed to rise from the grave to feed on human's blood. The cycle of vampires was endless. I dragged her limp body with my cold hands. And, as I stared at the moon, the nightmare that swept across Michigan, created an air of terror that couldn't be ended by humans...only vampires.




The Great Vampire Queen sat on her throne. 

She wore a black tiara on her head. She was wearing a red gown, a red corset that was around her slender legs, and black high-heeled boots on her feet. On her neck was a silvery necklace. She was wearing a black wedding ring on her right, middle, finger. 

"My Queen, another human girl has been bitten. We have to do something", Prince Edward said. He bowed at her.

"My son, there's attacks have damaged our kind for centuries. It's a stain on all of us", the Vampire Queen said.

"So, what shall we do?", Prince Edward asked her.

"There's only one vampire who could've done this. Lord Blackstone, my cousin", the Vampire Queen answered.



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