Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


4. Danielle Black-4




I awoke. 

By ten-thirty PM, it was late at night in Michigan. I hadn't thought that Cara would be awake; I was determined not to think that the vampires would harm Damon. But Damon was intent on messing with me. And ​the others who lived in the dark city. Cara glided towards me. She kissed me. She was holding a red goblet in her pale right hand; she was death warmed up as she spied Sara with a female vampire I didn't know. I was sure that they'd miss me. But, sadly, I wasn't drawn to their attention; I was sure that my ordeal hadn't registered more on their lives. Sara stopped admiring the other vampire, as if she was in a state of trance; she was hypnotized. I didn't care about her...Or ​them. I glided in my black gown towards the grave of Marcher Fields, an Irish-American vampire who lived there from 1797 to 1808. A cold breeze wafted across the cemetery. Suddenly I saw a male vampire grinning at me. He wore a black hat on his head. His red eyes were vampiric in nature. He exuded a presence that was similar to the Great Vampire King's unearthly power. 
​"Danielle Black, the King's servant...a pleasure. I'm Randal Oliver Treatise Loman, the Vampire Priest of Michigan". I bowed at him. He laughed. I knew that there were religious people in Michigan. But Vampire Priests were a new phenomena. I saw Randal was dressed in a black cloak. His black boots trod on the top soil of the graves; his red, flaming eyes, illuminated the dark cemetery. I wasn't Catholic; I wasn't into the faith; I lived by my own rules. 

"I heard that you were kidnapped", Randal said.

"Yes, and I the Great Vampire King rescued me because he didn't want any of his servants dead. I needed to be home in Michigan". 

"​You were lucky", Randal said.

"I was visiting the grave of Marcher Fields when you came", I said. He grinned. He got out his I-phone app of Michigan. 

"Marcher was a vampire who founded the Michigan Order of the Undead in 1800. It was a secret order of vampires who didn't want to be harmed by the human hunters. Sadly, in 1803, some vampires were driven away from the city; some vowed revenge. From 1804 to 1805, there was The Great Vampire War. In the end, the vampires won. And humans fled in heavy defeat. Soon, the Catholic Church of Michigan signed into order to let all vampires go underground in the cells. And there was a separation​ that caused a lot of problems for all of us", Randal said. He gazed at me with dread. I didn't know that it was eleven o'clock PM; I didn't know it was an hour until Midnight. I was about to walk towards Marcher Field's grave for the last time this evening when we saw Dana Robertson, a emo-gothic wannabe vampire who preferred Richard Laymon, Anne Rice, and Stephen King, to Stephanie Meyer. She had long, black hair, black mascara on her face, hazel eyes, and was petite. She wore a black gown, black stockings on her slim legs, and high-heeled boots on her feet. On her left hand was a black watch. She was one hundred and sixteen years' old.

"Good evening, Danielle. I thought you were in Detroit". 

"Damon kidnapped me. I was rescued by the Grand Vampire King, since I'm his servant". I waited for her to say something stupid; I didn't wait too long before she grinned. I ignored her. Randal walked away from me; I was thinking that he'd be asleep by now in his black coffin. Dana smiled at me. She looked warily at the priest; she grabbed a sharp knife in her right hand. 

"What are you doing with that knife?", I asked her.

"I'm hunting humans tonight. It's the Annual Vampire Hunt of Michigan", she answered. I hadn't forgotten the hunt. I was away from the city briefly because of my kidnapping ordeal, so I wasn't prepared for the hunt itself; I was about to say something else when Sara glided towards us, with anger in her blood.




"Danielle Black is mine". She gazed at Dana. She shuddered as she saw the vampire's sharp teeth. I knew that Sara was gay; I had many friends who were. But, in Michigan, I had my own life to live. Sara didn't own me; I  was my own self. And that was all that mattered. Dana screamed in terror, then she ran as fast as possible out of the cemetery...and towards her house two miles away where the darkness took over her house by the glowing lamplights off Rhodes Street in Michigan near the clear blue lake.



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