Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


2. Danielle Black-2




It was November 1, 2017. I was asleep in my coffin. The day's morning sun didn't burn us. I was in a dream state; I wouldn't be opening my black eyes until tonight. And, as we all slept, other people in Michigan awoke to a new kind of paranormal event.




Jessica March walked up the dim hallway. She sensed movement. She turned around. Suddenly cold hands covered her mouth.

"​You forgot me, child​".

Jessica stared at the new vampire.

"No, I was away with mom with my studies, Jordan". He took away his freezing hands. Jessica looked at him with anger.

"The human hunters will attack soon", she stated. Jordan Lowe grinned. He had long, black hair, hazel eyes, and tall. He wore a grey coat, black breeches, and black boots on his feet. A red wedding ring glistened in the hallway; the ring was brought in at ​Michigan Jewels​ a century ago. Jessica, who was a vampire, wore a red dress. Her red eyes focused on the rotting graves of the ancient cemetery. She was newly undead. Her parents were dead due to a typhoid outbreak seventy years' ago, in nineteen forty-seven in the post-World War II era in which everyone made their fortunes thinking that there would be no bombs in the grey skies across America, Europe, and the rest of the World. Jessica was seventy-two in human years. In vampire years she was twelve. She gazed at the gothic chambers. Before she could speak, Jordan spoke.

"Anne will be here in Michigan".

"Anne Lowe".

"Yes, my sister. She wants to dominate the vampire world".

And Jessica shivered with the news.




So, where was I...Oh, yes. I was asleep in my black coffin. I awoke at six o'clock PM. I imagined that Cara would think that I would get Rachel back; I didn't know if I could do that. There was a lot of vampires around who were more powerful than me; there were others who would lift me off my feet with their strong arms, and rip into me with their clawed fingers. Suddenly I saw Tanya Sharp. She grinned at me.

"Good evening, Danielle. I missed you".

"You didn't miss me, Tanya; you never missed me". And she shook her head. Cara glided towards the church. We were out of the black coffins. As we headed through the grey arches, we saw the vampire hunters were fleeing in terror. "They're gone!", I said. And I took a long, deep, cold rain fell down in the gloomy city.




Hart Darker headed towards us. He wore a black hat on his head. He gripped his long, grey coat with his hands; he glided towards Lake Michigan in his black boots.

"Isn't it beautiful, Danielle?", he asked me.

"Yes, it is. Why are you here, my Lord?", I asked him.

"Me? I was determined to seek out our enemies before they strike", he answered. The only enemies I knew of were the hunters that roamed the Michigan streets; the enemies were unknown to me at times. Hart Darker, who was six foot tall, stared at the other vampires. He exuded a regal presence that was comforting since my change from human to vampire. I was about to tell him that nothing bad will happen when someone struck me from behind; I collapsed onto the hard, black, ground.

"I got you know Danielle Black. I'm gonna stake you in the heart tonight​", Damon Anders said. I felt grey duct tape was across my mouth, arms, and legs; I felt eyes bore downward on me. I didn't imagine Damon would come from Las Vegas to Michigan to find me. He was my first boyfriend who was jealous of other boys dating me two years' ago. I was sure that, when everyone knew that I was turned, I'd had forgotten about him...until now. Then I was transported in what I thought was a van that led to Detroit, where the old car manufacturing factories were built; I thought that I would dream of an escape thanks to the Great Vampire King, whose court was still in session in the dark. I vowed to get revenge on him. Suddenly Damon heard the sound of flapping. He didn't know I was part of the Vampire King's Court as his servant; I knew that if I was out of the busy city of Michigan by force then he'll find a way to track me. "What the hell...", Damon said. When he dropped driving, I ripped the duct tape off my face; I was sure that Damon would be in the cells for his crime.

"It's over Damon. The Vampire King will arrest you for kidnapping his servant".

And he blinked in the game was up.




Sara gazed at me at the Vampire's Court. She was distressed to find me back in Michigan. Damon was dragged away to the cold dungeons. She kissed me. "Damon is a madman. He loathes our kind". I shook my head. I kissed her back, and then we hugged. I knew that I was in grave danger. I didn't want to be in Detroit; I wanted to be home in Michigan. Cara smiled at me. "I knew you'd survive Danielle. The Vampire King and Vampire Queen are powerful vampires. I'm happy to see you". And, after I took off the duct tape, I was finally freed. Cara let me drain her blood so that I could get rid of the hunger pains; I fed until I was full. Then, by seven o'clock PM, I knew one thing was certain.

I was alive.


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