Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


11. Danielle Black-11




​The marriage in Detroit went smoothly. 

​I had imagined that Mark Anders would be a strong husband. The Great Vampire King would've heard about it; the Vampire Queen would be angry that there was a new Queen in Detroit-me. "Danielle, stop pouting", Mark said. I never pouted; I was savouring the taste of blood; I was full. In the scheme of things, the black tiara was on my head; in my mind, the black necklace was across my throat. I was now feeling like a young Vampire Queen who was now in Detroit permanently. The new Vampire's Court was full of servants, and the gothic thrones were to the left and right of me; and I was going to feed on a lot of human's blood-I was a vampire. And, for all that was all said and done, I would grow into the role as Vampire Queen, and act like a royal.




Cara was crying. 

"It's not fair. She ​is too young to be a Vampire Queen; she ​is...". She watched Sara. The vampire was smiling at a servant girl she was admiring. "She left Michigan, sister. She isn't one of us​". Cara walked through the cemetery; Sara walked towards the rotting graves. "Life is life; blood is blood". Cara shook her head. She glanced at a boy who was stalking her. "Go away Nathaniel". The boy was deathly pale. He had short, black hair, black eyes, and tall. He wore a black coat, brown breeches, and dirty black boots that wasn't polished in town. He shrugged his shoulders; he wasn't going to be scared off by the vampire sisters. Nathaniel, who was fifteen, glanced at them. He was tired of hearing about the Great Vampire King's power. He was more concerned about the impending terror that his dead parents felt when they saw a vampire was biting their only son's neck three years' ago. Nathaniel remembered the funeral at the same cemetery. It was full of mourners. And, then, he saw Father Robertson reading The King James Bible as he walked to the old altar. "​Death has come to us this day. A lot of death that shall plague the city of Michigan...​". Nathaniel didn't care about death. To him death was a release to the Otherworld; a paranormal event that shattered the fabric of time and space. He had broken through the black coffin, and started to feed on October 6, 2014; he had now fed on the humans at night time. He was thinking about the future...a future in which his own life as a vampire  meant something. He gazed at the other vampires, then focused on the other humans who were visiting the cemetery to say 'Good bye' to their loved ones.


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