Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


10. Danielle Black-10




​The darkened room felt too confining for Amy Daniels. She heard the sound of distant voices yelling outside; she was too eager to placate the notion that vampires didn't exist. Yet, in her mind, the night time sounds of Michigan's blood thirsty undead had shattered her frayed nerves since her parents had invited them into the old house. There was a sense of impending dread that she was beyond the dim halls that were guarded by vampires. Amy, who had turned sixteen on Halloween night, gripped in the darkness of the cold walls with her sharp fingers towards the creaky staircase; the fingers caressed the bottom of the stairs like a boyfriend who wanted to kiss her on a date; the moon's glow illuminated the gothic windows. She saw bright candles in the deep part of the walls; she was determined not to scream when the vampires' fingers touched her red dress. She wanted to go to Detroit where her Uncle Rod and Aunt Jane lived; she was sure that her life was full of news that she wouldn't be bitten at all; she was eager to feed her growing hunger after her mom and dad closed the light brown door to keep her out of the private vampire business. 

And then the door opened...and she screamed.


I hadn't imagined that I'd be married to the Vampire Master of Detroit. It was a sense of growing sadness that I would be leaving Michigan; it was fate that I'd leave Cara, Sara, and everyone else. I would be the new Vampire Queen of Detroit; I had power. I had my own vampire throne...and Court to order everything that needed to be done; I had to sign documents, and deal with revenge seekers. And betrayals. And all of the things that deeply affected us in the old city. Maybe I'd visit Michigan and deal with the other vampires. I was happy. But, for now, I wouldn't be talking to Sheriff Cartier.

And I was free.




Amanda Sawyer didn't grin at first. She was with her friends in the old cemetery. She looked at the graves. By eight o'clock PM, she was shivering. It was 62 degrees...and going downward. Amanda, who was fifteen, gazed at the graves. She wore a black gown that her dead mother, Elsa Sawyer, wore two decades' ago, when she was married in the cold, December night in nineteen-ninety-seven when she'd had a heart attack that had claimed her life when she was fifty. Amanda, who grew up with an alcoholic father, knew that time in Michigan was a fading nightmare in the dark shadows of time. She looked around to see whether she was seeing Brad Hartley, a football player, who was one of the stars in the city. She looked at the graves as she saw a tall, thin woman gliding towards her. Her long, black hair glowed in the eerie moonlight; her black eyes focused on rotten arches. Another tall vampire smiled at her.

"I don't know you", it said. Amanda shivered.

"I'm Amanda Sawyer", she said.

"Lord Luis Schulman. This is my wife, Lady Daria Schulman. We've come to Michigan to take over the city". It had a commanding, regal, voice. 

"I heard that the Great Vampire King and Vampire Queen rule Michigan", Amanda said. She was scared. Lady Daria glided towards her.

"You shall be my human servant", she uttered.

"I'm scared of vampires", Amanda said.

"Being scared is one thing that drives us to seek other humans who could serve us", Lord Luis Schulman said. It had black eyes...and glided towards the city. It breathed in the freezing air. Then it walked to the black coffins. it was about to smash them when the Great Vampire King, and Vampire Queen, burst out of their own coffins...and bared their sharp fangs.




Roberta Davies stared at the rotten graves. She was eager to think of the vampires in Michigan. They were silent; they were feeding on human blood of the humans in the cold city. She was sure that the nightmares that she had were minimal; she was more focused on the Great Vampire King, and Vampire Queen. Amanda had two bite marks on her neck; Roberta glided towards her in a black gown. She walked towards the coffins. Suddenly she saw more vampires feeding on her own blood; she then shuddered with terror...and then she died.


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