Eternal Night The Vampire Books 1 A Danielle Black novel

Danielle Black, a vampire, lives in Michigan with her family. When several humans are attacked by rogue vampires, she is forced to deal with the trouble that threatens the city.


1. Danielle Black




The dark city of Michigan was full of the undead. Danielle Black, who was seventeen, peered into the gothic arches of the ancient cemetery; the rotting graves were covered by black, wilting, flowers. She was wearing a black gown. She walked in her black boots that she'd had brought at ​Gothic's Boots​. Her face was pale, as she glided down the cobbled road; her red eyes glowed in the evening moon that was in the harsh sky. She remembered the first time she was bitten; she was with her parents who were offering their daughter to The Grand Vampire King. She was fourteen years' old; she had died when he had bitten her three times on the small neck with his sharp fangs. When she'd awoken, she was turned into a vampire. Suddenly she was alone in the city. Her parents had disappeared. And she was alone. She had closed her eyes. The faded memory of the past had caused her immense grief. By October 4, 2017, she had moved onward with her life.




The bells chimed in the ancient Church of Michigan.

Danielle walked up the cobbled path. She saw Cara Madison, a gothic vampire, smile at her. She had long, black hair, red eyes, and tall. She wore a black coat, red corset, black stockings that was around her slender legs, and black boots on her feet. She applied red lipstick on her luscious lips. Cara, who had turned seventeen in December, gripped her sharp knife in her right hand.

"I heard that Tad Darker wants to do a ceremony since it's Halloween", Cara said. She looked at Sara Madison, her older sister.

"It's freezing", Sara complained. Her long, black hair glowed like the sun that loomed across the wrought-iron gates; her red eyes focused on Danielle, and smiled.

"I hoped it was you, Danielle", she said.

"We're not, like, dating", I said.

"Yes, I know so. It's a shame". I knew that the vampires were drawn by human blood, and drinking from goblets. And were immortals. I wasn't going to believe in death was pure. I was tainted. And there wasn't anything that I could do about it; I was a vampire with issues. Michigan had vampires who enjoyed the dark. Fires and crucifixes were bad for us; the vampire hunters weren't like Van Helsing. They enjoyed their jobs, like it was something that needed to be done. I watched Cara smile at her sister. I frowned when Tad Darker appeared with his friends. He was smug like Hart Darker, his father.


"Good evening, Danielle", Tad said.

"Good evening, Tad. How is Tanya Sharp?", I asked him.

"We're steady", Tad answered. He wore a grey hat on his head. His grey shirt was new. His black breeches were glowing; his black boots were three hundred years' old. He had red hair, red eyes, and tall. He walked to the graves, as I looked around.

"I thought she was jealous of me because we dated first", I said.

"​She knew that she would have me", Tad said.  He had wanted to be romantic with me, but I was too weak from the heavy blood loss after the Grand Vampire King had bitten me...and that was the end of anything else that came our way.  Or mine, that is. I don't want to divulge to readers about my personal life. There are other things in this story to deal with.




I left them alone. I had to think about my parents. Suddenly there was a human girl's body lying in a pool of blood on the cobbled road; there was two puncture wounds on her neck. She wore a white dress...and was barefoot. I shook my head. I knew her. Rachel Towers. She was twelve years' old. And the daughter of Richard and Stella Towers, two Michigan diamond dealers in town. I shook my head. If there were rogue vampires biting humans then it would spell trouble for everyone. Tad, Sara, and Cara, shivered.

"​She's dead! We didn't bite her​", Tad said. I knew that they were right. Tad would tell The Great Vampire King what happened in his Court; he'll tell the Vampire Queen as well. And she'd be mad about what happened. Michigan wasn't a city where death happened all of the time; death came and went under The Vampire Orders. It first had to be signed by the King, and vampires could bite any human legally. Sometimes there were rogues who ignored all orders, and bit humans to feed on their blood. I was angry now. I stared at Cara. She was eager to think that I was going to feed on Rachel. I would never do that; I would drink other people's blood from my red goblet, and savour the taste until I was sated. And, then, as the moon's glow surrounded the city, I was going to believe in the news that something would happen.

And it did.




I walked around the graves.

Tad smiled at me.

"There's a lot of other vampire girls who are dating me. But I love you, Danielle". He smirked at me. I didn't want to believe that; I didn't need him to kiss me, and force my hand at marriage when I turned eighteen. Cara, and Sara, were grinning at me.

"Well, you do look nice", Sara said.

"I'm not gay", I said.

And Sara walked towards me, and bared her sharp fangs.

"I can have you when I want", she taunted.

And I backed away from the graves, and headed to the gates.




Tanya Sharp, sixteen, was grinning.

She wore a black gown. Her long, red hair glowed like lava; her red eyes were aflame. She gazed at me. I took my time as we were about to fight; I saw her red boots on her feet.

"Danielle, I knew it was you", she said.

"I had to deal with a human girl who was bitten on the neck. Her name is Rachel Towers". Cara gazed at her. She spoke in a strong voice.

"I knew Rachel. She was an emo-goth".

"What about her parents?", I asked her.

"They've been informed of their daughter's death. But she's a vampire now", Cara told me. Tad shook his head; I also shook my head, as we all begun to feed on each other's blood in a Halloween ceremony that was intense in the way it was performed.




By nine o'clock PM, it was Halloween time. I stared at the groups of humans who were trick r' treating; I was eager to think that they were eating treats. That was a human quality that I missed. I would be sick in my stomach if I didn't drink blood. Tad let me feed on his neck. The fresh taste of blood kept me warm. Afterwards, it took me an hour to revive after the feeding. By ten o'clock PM, (an hour later), I saw the full moon in the sky. We all thrived on blood; we enjoyed blood.

Suddenly a rogue vampire gazed at us.

And dragged Rachel Towers away into the darkness.




I was in shock.

I had lost a human girl.

Cara shook her head.

"She's dead. He took her".

"Who took her, Cara?", I asked her. She cried.

"Lord Xavier Black", she answered.

"My Uncle", I said, stunned.

"Yes", she said.

And I shook my head, and decided to plan our next move.




Cara glided towards the dark graves.

She glanced at the grey statues that was in the middle of the cemetery. Tanya smiled. She was going to feed on Tad's neck with her sharp fangs; she savoured the taste of blood. Some dripped down her mouth; some dripped down her black gown. I walked towards the old church. No one was inside. A stone statue of Jesus Christ protected the front gate; the gate was loose from age. Sara stared at me with desire etched on her face. I ignored her attraction to me; I suddenly saw the caretaker's prone body of Jeanne Thompson, the first female caretaker of the cemetery after John Harris, the former caretaker, had died from old age last year. He was ninety-three years' old; Jeanne was forty-three. I was about to say something when dark clouds hovered above the city of Michigan; I was hearing the sound of thunder booming in the late evening sky. By eleven-thirty PM, we headed to our black coffins inside the cemetery. As I dreamed, I heard the sound of voices outside. I got out of my coffin. Suddenly I saw three human hunters. They were armed with hammers in their right hands; they wore black coats. Their red boots shifted across the graves.

"Who are you?", I asked them.

"Seamus Roberts. This is Donald Free, and Kane Abernathy. We're vampire hunters", Seamus answered. He glanced at me.

"I'm Danielle Black, and you're trespassing".

And they laughed.

And ignored me, as they headed to other graves to get rid of the vampires of Michigan.




I ran towards the coffins.

"The hunters are here", I yelled at Sara. She got out of her coffin. She looked at the church doors. The glass windows glimmered in the moonlight; the glass was old, and full of spiders on the dusty walls. She grabbed a lamp from the cold walls to her left.

"Get this one, Danielle. I'll get one now". I nodded. We walked outside. Seamus, Donald, and Kane stared at us; I stared back at them. We bared our fangs. The three hunters took out holy water in their hands. I then did something that I vowed never to do; I bit into Seamus's neck with my sharp fangs. Blood dripped from the wound; more blood dripped towards the grey stones. Donald ran. Kane did the same. And, as we heard the loud thud as Seamus's body crashed next to our boots, we knew that our night was over.


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