Teen Wolf Imagines

Collection of Teen Wolf Imagines written by me


9. White Tiger (Chris Argent)

---- Late November ---

This Story Starts when she was going through her mother's belongings. She had received everything Y/M/N owned since they both were out in the middle of now where and were in isolation. Why Y/N was young she didn't understand but as she grew, she realised she was different and understood she was probably in danger. When Y/N was growing up Y/M/N trained her in both hunting and the reason she was different. As she was going through boxes she came across a folder with her name on it. She sat on the floor and went through it. The folder contained pictures of her growing up but on the last page there was a piece of paper. Adoption Papers.

Those papers are what lead to her coming to Beacon Hills. She had to get the address for the person that was in the father space since the mother space was empty. She glanced around in case she was being followed before making sure she was at the right apartment block. She walked to the elevator that is in the apartment block's lobby and pressed the upward facing arrow before checking the lobby for people looking at her. When the elevator doors opened she stepped aside to let the people out before entering herself. She hit the button for the top floor because she only had an apartment number. 402.

When the doors opened the first door she saw was 415. She walked the hallways and found that the lowest number on the floor was 408. She worked out that there is about 7 apartments on each floor so the man she was looking for was more the likely on the floor below. She entered back into the elevator and pressed the level below's button. When the doors closed Y/N took a few deep breaths as it went down and when the doors reopened she walked out and went in search of apartment 402. When she reached the apartment, she knocked loudly before surveying the area to find an escape route as she waited. It took around two minutes for someone to answer and who answered was a ragged looking man with blue eyes but he was also carrying a knife in his hand.

“Sorry sir, I'm looking for...” She stopped and grabbed out the piece of paper “Mr Argent, I'm looking for Mr Argent.”

“I am him” He said without emotion.

“Um Y/M/N died recently”

“Who?” He asked which resulted in her handing him the adoption papers “Oh I'm sorry Y/N” He moves to open the door more for her to walk in and puts the knife down near the door” Would you like something to drink?”

“No thank you sir”

“You don't need to call me sir, my names Chris”

“Sorry Chris, Y/M/N raised me away from people and taught me to call men sir and women madam”

“I asked her to raise you away from people so I'm sorry. Y/M/N probably never talked about us to you so you wouldn't have known you had a sister, a twin to be exact but sadly she passed away last year and you biological mother was rather into the hunter code, so she wanted to die when she was bit so I assisted in it. When you were born she hated that you were born with her 'mutation'” He put mutation in air quotes “She asked that you be put down but I couldn't, so I asked Y/M/N to raise you so no one knew you existed.”

“So my biological mother thought you go me killed because I was...” She stopped talking and looked at the door before shifting into her animal form.

“Is something coming?” She jumps off the chair and walks to the door and sits. “Okay someone's here I'm guessing” As he gets closer to the door she growls “Y/N?” he rubs the top of her head and scratches between her eyes before opening the door and standing in front of her. Y/N recognised the smell from when she first arrived and the person at the door matched the scent so she walked away trying to find where else the scent was. She got to a closed door, she had learnt how to open door in her animal form so she could open the door. She looked around the room noticing it was a teen girls room, she began trying to locate where the mystery person's scent was in the room.

Once she found it she trots into the living room and to the mystery person. She rubs her head on the person's leg before looking at them with a sweatshirt in her mouth. When she has their attention she raises her head so they can see the sweatshirt. When they grab it, she looks at Chris before looking at the couch then back at Chris and when he nods she jumps up and lays down placing her head on her paws.

“Who's the Tiger?” The Mystery man asked.

She looked at the mystery man “Scott this is Y/N, Allison's twin sister”

“Allison never said she had any siblings”

“Y/N got put on some of Allison's Clothes” She nods and jumps off the couch to go to Allison's room “Allison never knew she was a twin or had any siblings. Victoria thought Y/N died.”


“She wanted me dead cause to her I had a mutation but Chris gave me to Y/M/N who raised me” Y/M said walking into the living room.

“Scott meet my rare daughter” She flashed her pale blue eyes “Y/N meet Scott, your sisters first love and only true love” Scott flashed his alpha red eyes.

“Y/M/N told me there was a rumour of a true alpha here. I know true alphas are rare because most just want a pack and strength so they don't care who they hurt. But I'm rare myself and I would be actually I am targeted because of my white fur and my eyes.” She said.

“So we are both rare and valuable creatures” Scott said

“And I'm beautiful”

“So is Derek”

Y/N looked at Chris “Who's Derek?”

“Really Scott you called Derek beautiful”

“His wolf form is”

“He can transform too. I never knew any others could”

“I know two that can. They were both born creatures. Derek is a werewolf like me and his cousins a coyote.”

“I've met a coyote before, it hated I was in its den hiding from Gerard”

“I'm sorry Y/N” Chris spoke up

“It's okay Chris he didn't know I was his granddaughter, I was also really young but he had Kate with him. I also want to meet this Derek person.”

“Kate's your Aunt, she was transformed into a were-jaguar”

“She hunted me like coyotes hunt their prey.”

“She took hunting very seriously, wanted to kill every supernatural creature but that changed when she was turned. She started to target Scott because she blames him for Allison's Death.”

Y/N smiled at Scott “You didn't kill her and you aren't the reason she died, if she was like me she would protect her friends.”

The next hour was spent talking about Allison and how Y/N grew up. When Scott left Chris turned to Y/N and asked “Do you have a place to stay here?” When she shook her head he added “You can stay here if you like.”
“Thank you Chris”

“Don't need to thank me this should also be your home, you should have been raised with at least me in your life so I'm sorry.”

“We can start being a family now though right?”

“Certainly” He said before looking at the clock and realising its nearly 6pm “Would you like to help me cook?” He asked looking back at her.

“Yes please”

--- Last Day of November ---

Chris was out of town assisting someone, so Y/N was at the apartment alone which is why at 5pm she decided to walk out the apartment to explore town a bit more. A hour and a half into exploring she realised she was lost so she used her sense of smell to take her to something she knew. Her sense of smell led her to a house that had two stories. The scent she had unknowingly locked onto was Scott's. She walked to the deck before transforming and curling up to wait for him. It took another half an hour for someone to realise she was there and when they came out Y/N walked to them and looked up.

“Scott” A female voice said which she worked out was the person in front of her “I think there is a tiger looking at me”

“What mom?” Y/N heard Scott's voice say as he was walking to the front door “Y/N why are you here?”

Y/N walked over to Scott and rubbed against him “Make sure she is safe okay Scott, I'll see you in the morning” Scott's mom said walking away.

“Come on Y/N inside before someone sees you” As she started walking she stops when she is over come by many different scents “Its okay it is just my friends” he places a hand on her back to reassure her that she is safe before walking with her to his living room.

“Awe pretty tiger” The only other guy in the room said while he advances towards her in which she roared at him and a bared her teeth at him.

“I wouldn't Stiles” he watched as stiles stepped back and sat on the couch. Scott knelt in front of Y/N, “remember you're safe here.” Y/N looked around and met eyes with a strawberry blonde before looking at Scott and trying to get his hand off. When his hand was off her, she walked over to the strawberry blonde and sat.

When the strawberry blonde scratched her ears the guy spoke up again “She lets Lydia touch her but not me, she let you touch her Scott. Why not me?”

“Because she doesn't trust you” Scott said

“She only just met Lydia”

“I look friendly” The strawberry blonde said.

“Y/N go upstairs my rooms the last one of the right, put on some of my clothes and come back” She walked away from Lydia and walked past Scott nudging him lightly.

A few minutes later she walked back in and stood close to Scott “Um hi” She said.

“Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here?” The black haired girl let out.

“I'm here cause I got lost when I was exploring town. D-Chris is out of town. I'm Y/N Y/L/N and I use to live out of town but now I live in the apartment Chris lives in.” Y/N replied.

“How do you know Chris?” Stiles spoke up again.

“I'm his daughter” She replied.

“No you're not, he only had one, Allison.” He responded.

“Yes my bloody twin sister” She was growing mad.

“Why have we never heard of you?”

Her eyes changed from Y/E/C to a pale blue “He choose to give me up instead of killing me after I was born.”

Scott grabbed her hand which calmed her down “Y/N was the new scent I tracked down last week. She trusts me because she found one of my sweatshirts in Allison's room”

“I trust Lydia because my sister had so many pictures with her and Scott. I'll learn to trust the rest of you guys some day”

“But before that we should get you home before Chris has a freak out that his rare daughter isn't home.”

“We will all take you home. I'm Malia and that's Kira”


--- Christmas Morning ---

Y/N got up early to wrap up the only present she was giving this year. It was for Chris. She placed it into a decorative box that could be reused and placed a red ribbon around it with a tag saying.

To: Chris

From: Y/N

Once she finished wrapping it she got off her bed and picked up the present before walking to the kitchen. She placed the present on the counter before starting the coffee machine and grabbing two cup down. She also started making breakfast knowing Chris will be getting up soon like he normally does. She mixed cinnamon into the waffle mix before getting the waffle iron out and letting it heat up. While it was heating up she grabbed eggs and bacon from the fridge. She grabbed out a frying pan and puts it on the stove and switches the stove on. She stirred the waffle batter and looked over at the waffle iron. Noticing it wasn't heated she went to the cupboard to get spray oil and the bottle of olive oil before placing them on the counter. Looking around the kitchen she could see heat rising off the frying pan so she picked up the olive oil and put some in before putting in the bacon. Once all the bacon was cooked she placed it into the oven while she continued to cook, next on her list were the waffles. The iron was heated so she sprayed the oil on it before putting the batter in. Chris walked in just as she poured the last of the batter in, upon realising she grabbed on of the mugs she had grabbed earlier and poured coffee in it before handing it to him. She went back to the waffle iron and flipped the tray before asking Chris “Scrambled or sunny side up”

“Scramble” he replied sleep still evident in his voice.

As she started making the eggs she would look up to watch him drink his coffee while he looks at the gift. She had to run to get the last waffle out before it burnt. After she placed it on the plate, she placed the plate on the kitchen bar that was on the other side of the counters. The bacon quickly followed before she started cooking the eggs. Once the eggs were cooked she out them on the dining table before going back into the kitchen to see Chris picking up the bacon so she picked up the waffles after grabbing two plates. After the food was down she went and grabbed the present and hands it to Chris.

“Merry Christmas Chris” She said as she sat in her seat.

“Merry Christmas Y/N” he says looking down at the present “You didn't need to get me something and I feel bad I didn't get you anything.”

“Its okay, I got to know my sister over the last month through stories, so that was an early Christmas present. Plus this present could end up one for both of us.”

He looked at her confused “Lets eat first”

After they ate Y/N cleaned up both the kitchen and dining table before heading to the living room where Chris was waiting. Once she sat he started to unwrap the ribbon and looked back at her suspiciously. When he looked back down he lifted the lid and picked up the present.

“It's a form to legally change my last name to Argent instead of Y/L/N only if you allow me to of course” She mumbled the last part.

He got up and walked to her and sat beside her “Of course you can change it to Argent it is your birth right.”

She relaxed a bit at that and let out “Thank you dad”

She didn't realise what she said till she looked at him and saw him smiling “You're welcome”

--- 28th of December---

Y/N was hanging out with Scott and the gang Scott's house when Scott decided everyone should got to Derek's. Since there were six of them Y/N went in Stiles jeep with him and Scott while the others took Lydia's Toyota Prius.

When they arrived Lydia, Malia and Y/N ran off. When Lydia returned she had clothes in her arms and was being followed by a tiger and a coyote. When Scott noticed he walked to the vacant looking buildings front door and opened it which allowed them to run inside. Y/N had to follow Malia since Y/N didn't know how to get around the building and she was having to much fun chasing Malia to catch the unknown scent of Derek. While she was running she didn't notice Scott and Stiles following nor the man open the door. When she followed Malia in Y/N pounced on Malia before hearing a deep voice speak “Malia?” Y/N moved her head and got off Malia and stood in front of her protectively.

“Come on Y/N” Scott spoke which resulted in a growl from her. Y/N kept an eye on Derek baring her teeth at him.

“She shouldn't be here” Derek said before shifting into his werewolf form and roared which made her growl.

“Why shouldn't she be in the loft” Stiles asked obviously confused.

“I meant Beacon Hills dumb-ass. Don't you know how rare she is.”

“She only told me she was rare like me and I told the others what she told me.” Scott said and Y/N looked at him and the group noticing Malia shifted back and when she looked back at Derek he had sat down on the floor.

“Who does Y/N belong to?” Derek asked which resulted in her growling “What is Y/N's last name?”

“Y/L/N” Stiles said which made Y/N launch at him.

“Argent. She got it changed for Christmas” Scott said patting her head.

“How rare is she? You have me curious” Lydia asked.

“My mum said they were folklore. I use to do research them with Deaton when I was a child. They are probably still told as fairy tales to young wolves.” Derek said putting his hand out and whistled getting her attention. She quickly looked at Scott before slowly walking to Derek and rubbed her nose against it before nudging it away and laying down resting her head in his lap. When he looked down he rubbed her head and took his jacket off putting it over her “Someone get the blanket off the couch.” He watched them just stand there “Now” He roared which made Y/N hide her face into his leg. Derek watched as Lydia moved to grab the blanket and when she returned she handed it to him.

“She even liked Derek faster then me” Stiles complained.

“You walked to her, Derek got down to her level and waited.” Scott replied.

When Y/N looked up and looked at the group before looking up at Derek as he draped the blanket over her “Sleep Y/N” Derek said quietly when she put her head back down.

“Her eyes were different” Scott said surprised.

“All were creatures have different eyes” Derek said confused.

“No her eyes are normally a pale blue even when she is mad” Scott said back “In her human form they are Y/E/C”

“Y/N” Derek said rubbing her head “Look at me” Y/N didn't need to be asked twice and looked at Derek “Scott come flash your eyes at her”

“It does nothing look” Scott said walking behind Derek get her attention and flashed his alpha red eyes but her eyes didn't flicker in submission.

“Attention Y/N” Derek said making her look back at him as he flashed his vibrant blue one which resulted in hers flashing quickly. “Well that's different” he said as she fell back into his lap.

As she slept the others talked with Derek but he didn't move away from her so when the others went out to get food for dinner Derek moved her so she was curled into his side so he could lay down to stretch his back and as he stretched he closed his eyes. Mid-stretch he felt a nose against his cheek and when he looked over he was met with the odd aqua eyes of Y/N. She kept nudging him like she was trying to tell him something.

“What?” he asked. And when she ran around he got what she wanted and went into wolf form and started chasing her.

Five minutes later everyone else came home, they came in and walked to the kitchen and when Stiles and Scott walked a bit too close to Derek she roared which scared everyone and made her walk to stand in front of Derek and bare her teeth. Derek walked beside her and nudged her head, when her attention was on him he looked at the stairs before running off with her behind him.

“Dinner will be on the bench when you guys want it” Scott yelled.

About halfway through Scott eating the loft door slid open “Where's Derek?” Peter asked and everyone pointed up stairs. “Derek!” he yelled, but as he ran downstairs Y/N was quickly following and pushed Derek away and walked to the new man in the house and roared before biting his leg hard. “Okay, Derek get your girlfriend off me” Him saying that made things worse and she let go and went to her clothes and grabbed something out and walked back to Peter and bit him again before putting the object into the bite mark.

“Y/N go to Derek please” Scott said and watched her run to Derek and snuggle into him.

“Shes evil” Peter said removing the object out of his leg. “She put a silver bullet into the bite mark” he looked over it “This is an Argent bullet. Shes a bloody Argent. Dang it Derek, you and the bloody Argent” This time when Y/N roared at the man defiling her last name and being mean about Derek it was louder the normal.


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