Teen Wolf Imagines

Collection of Teen Wolf Imagines written by me


7. The Slow Dance (Isaac Lahey)

Y/F/S: Your Favourite Subject


With the pack meeting over I sat back on one of Derek's sofas. It was only Derek, Isaac and I left in Derek's loft. It was close to prom and in all honesty I was hopelessly hoping Isaac would ask me but I had a feeling he was going to ask Allison since that is who he had his eyes on all pack meeting. I thought he had already asked her. So while we were talking about school he surprised me and asked “How would I ask Allison to prom?”

“How would I know how Allison would like to be asked?” I replied.

“How would you want to be asked Y/N?”

“Well simply I would like to be asked by being handed my favourite flower with a little note attacked asking 'Prom?'. That would be less public and to me much sweeter.”

And the next morning that is exactly what he did. Before class he gave her a lily with a purple tag. I walked away deciding being alone to be best at that moment. I wasn't paying much attention and ended up crashing into Theo.

“Oh Y/N I was looking for you” Theo said before looking in my eyes “Oh what's wrong Y/N?” He spoke softer to me.

“Isaac asked Allison to prom” I mumbled.

“So go with me and show him what hes missing out on.” I just nodded “Anyway I was looking for you because I need help with Y/F/S. Can you explain it to me.”


Night of Prom -


Theo had been staying at my house since he came back from hell so he didn't have to arrange a time to pick me up and since I'm older like Allison I could rent a house so no parents to make things awkward.
“Theo” I called down the hall “i need help doing this dress up”

As I look into the hall I watch Theo walk towards me so I turn around and lift my hair up so he could zip it up. After the zipping noise stopped I felt Theo move away before he said “There you go.”

“Thanks” I reply before walking and sitting at my vanity mirror to do my hair and make up. I decided not to wear any jewellery due to the fact that the top of my dress was decorated with fake gems. Once I curled my H/C hair I placed it into a loose bun with some of my fringe out. My make-up was natural looking. Once I was done I walked to Theo's door knocking on it. I knew Theo would not have left this hair how it naturally is so when he opened the door I messed it up. “much better, now lets go.”

When we arrived, prom had already technically started so we were late and as we walked in with our arms linked everyone's eyes were on us. We brushed off the awkwardness of being the centre of attention so after I put my bag down we went to the dance floor.

Thirty minutes after we arrived and were dancing Isaac walked over and interrupted us. “Can I steal your date, Raeken?” Issac asked looking Theo in the eye.

“She's all yours” Theo said before grabbing my hand kissing the top of it before patting Isaac on the shoulder “Don't make her sad”

All the songs up to now were club like songs so I wasn't so worried to dance with Isaac. When the song changed it changed to a slow song. I pulled away and started walking away until I felt a hand. The hand was wrapped around my wrist and the person pulled me towards them so I came eye to shoulder with them. As I looked up I noticed it was Isaac. When he placed his hands on my waist I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me closer to him causing our bodies to be close as possible. I rested my head on his chest as we swayed back and forth “I'm sorry Y/N” he said quietly.

“For what Zee?” I asked moving my head so I could look into his eyes.

“For not noticing sooner that you're who I want to spend my life with.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the crown of my head “I thought I was in love with Allison but when I saw you with Theo I worked out it was a distraction so I didn't fall in love with my best friend.” He finished as we continued dancing.

As the night drew to a close Theo and I decided it was time to go. As I reached the door I froze and looked at Theo “One second” I said before running to Isaac and pressing a small peck to his lips “I love you too” I whispered.

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