Teen Wolf Imagines

Collection of Teen Wolf Imagines written by me


2. Miss Her

My life became different, dad was working later every night and my big brother always left me with dad at the station if Scott called. I never really understood why but I knew that me not knowing was for my safety.

The more I was alone,the more I rebelled. It started with not cleaning up my messes but I had gotten worse over the last few weeks. I had changed the way I dressed, I went from t-shirts and jeans with boots to tight shirts and short skirts or shorts with heels.

When my brother voiced his dislike of my outfits, I pretty much ignored him.

I walked down the stairs, I was in a cropped off shirt and a super short skirt that barely covered my bottom. I had just put my heels on when my brother walked out the kitchen.

"Y/N, what are you wearing and where are you going?" Stiles asked sternly.

"I'm wearing clothing and I'm going to F/N's house for a party." I replied walking out the door and closing it before he could complain more.

That was yesterday, I had came home late noticing Stiles asleep. As I walked down the stairs, I noticed him still asleep on the couch. I walked to the kitchen and started to cook,I always when I'm sad and its always too much for Dad, Stiles and I. I made pancakes, cupcakes and attempted to make icing but failed and made it to watery. Once the cupcakes cooled I out some in a container so I could take them out with me. I also made myself a large travelling cup of coffee.After I made sure the lid was on tightly I put it in a backpack with the cupcakes before getting on m,y bike and riding to the cemetery while Stiles and dad were asleep. I knew Stiles would freak when he sees I'm not there but at the moment I didn't care.

I got off my bike and set myself up in front on my mothers grave. I put the travel cup and cupcakes in front of my and started talking to mom.

"I'm sorry for not visiting you lately mom, Dad's been working extra time to pay the bills and Stiles is always away with Scott. I've had good grades in school though and I know you would be proud of me. Stiles is mad at me because I went out last night in skimpy clothing, I don't blame him through." I wipe away the few tears that were falling from the memory of last night, "I wish I didn't go last night. Everyone was either drunk or drinking. I should of left as soon as I got there but I didn't and a guy, he was really drunk." I took a deep breath "He groped me and wanted to do more but I kicked him and ran home. Luckily Stiles and dad taught me self defence. I wish you were here mom even though its been thirteen years."

After I finished I noticed Stiles by a different grave watching me. I call him over and held out a cupcake. He sat down and took the cupcake before speaking. "I miss her to you know. Dad tries to not miss her but you look like her so much that he sometimes watches you sleep.You wouldn't remember her much and I'm Slightly thankful because before she died she forgot that we loved her and she told dad we were trying to hurt her." he took a flower that was on the ground and put it on mom's headstone. "We love you mom and miss you so much.I'll look after both dad and Y/N. We all love you."


We stayed in the graveyard talking to each other and mom till I fell asleep on Stiles' shoulder.

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