Teen Wolf Imagines

Collection of Teen Wolf Imagines written by me


6. Loved and Needed

Usually pack meetings were on Saturdays but Scott had called one today, which is a Wednesday. He said that everyone had to come which I didn’t want because I hadn’t been to a pack meeting in a few weeks due to the fact that I’m just like Stiles, I’m human. I never go on mission though, I just clean the aftermath of the missions so I feel pretty much useless. All I do is sit waiting for one of them to come in badly injured and patch them up.

Scott set the pack meeting at my house so I couldn’t avoid not going. When everyone arrived I was sitting on the couch staring into thin air, I hadn’t noticed anyone until I was wrapped up in Lydia and Scott’s arms. They were my favourite pack siblings. I loved the whole pack, I just didn’t know how much they loved me.

I watched as Malia put a USB into my TV (With the help of Stiles). Lydia and Scott sat on either side of me as the rest sat on the floor facing the TV. Suddenly a picture of me and Stiles came up, we were probably twelve in it, Lydia was trying to pull me away in the picture. I suddenly smile.

“We were getting fake married.” Stiles said.

“I objected to it. She was to marry me” Lydia interjected.

Pictures changed, this time it was a picture I hadn’t seen before nor knew was taken. It was of me and Scott, I had my h/c hair up and was practising Lacrosse with him.

“First year of high school, you hated you had no classes with Scott so you wouldn’t leave him alone during lunch. You even started playing Lacrosse.” Lydia said.

Pictures changed again, this time it was a picture of me and the pack.

“That was after the last lacrosse game of my high school life. We didn’t win but we celebrated about being together because some of us were leaving.” I said

The pictures went on all night. It proved I am loved and needed.

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