Teen Wolf Imagines

Collection of Teen Wolf Imagines written by me


4. Looking For Another

I was walking through a street of a new, unfamiliar town a spell brought me to. I hadn’t left the house I was staying in back in the middle of no where in a country that didn’t exist when I was growing up. I continued walking till a car pulled up next to me, I read the side, “Sheriffs department, Beacon Hills. This Beacon Hills?” I asked politely.

“That it is miss. Are You lost?” The driver asked kindly.

“Yes, kind of am. I don’t know why I’m here.”

“How about I take you to the sheriff’s station” I nodded getting into the passenger side of the cruiser. “Do you have a name miss?”

“So Adeline, where are you from?”


This conversation went on till they pulled up at the station. When I got out I was drawn to someone inside but I was prepared to ignore it until the person who brought me here walked to the person I was drawn to. “Adeline this is Deputy Parrish. Parrish I found this young girl walking around the main road.”

I moved my head to the side examining him as the other person left. I walked closer to his desk and whispered “Hell hound” before going back to where I was standing before. He looked so confused probably about how I knew. I summoned the courage to say “I’m looking for someone, I don’t know who all I know is they are here in this town” I watched him pick up this phone and call someone as if it was normal he wasn’t afraid of me or the supernatural since he was one himself.

About half an hour later a group of kids and an adult walked in. “She’s who your talking about Parrish. She’s harmless.”

I smiled “Maybe we should all find somewhere less public to talk” I turn to Parrish and moved my head to the side again.

“Conference rooms out back.” A boy said.

We followed him to the conference room and I closed and locked the door. Parrish spoke up “Do what you did to me earlier.”
I giggled and skipped around them first touching the Adult “Beta. Blue eyes not yellow. Oh pretty black wolf when you want to be” I skipped around again this time stopping at the boy who lead us here “Human with remnants of Nogitsune. Good job getting out with the help of your friends.” I start skipping again but stop and look directly at the black haired teenager “Don’t growl at me, Mr true alpha. You’re sad, don’t be sad.” I look behind him to the girl he seemed to be protecting “Mr true alpha’s current love interest. Coyote, Blue eyes again. Grey, pretty.” I look at the red haired girl “Banshee, Humans soulmate. That’s true love never seen a connection like yours with him. And lastly” I look at the blonde boy looking terrified “Beta, Yellow eyes, anger issues. Awesome you haven’t killed anyone for fun just like the alpha who bit you. Youngest of the group. Cute little L.”

“Who are you and why are you here?” The alpha spoke.

“I’m looking for someone. As to who I am, I have had many names over the years currently its Adeline.” I look at him again before walking to him “Please don’t be sad.” I touch his arm lightly taking away some of his sadness and whispering “She watches you daily” Before walking back and sitting in a chair.

“Malia stop growling at her.” The Alpha said to which the Coyote went quiet.

“Maybe we should talk alone maybe somewhere sound proof so I can show you what I have been through. Maybe you will know who I want to see since I don’t have his name.” I say before going “And pretty black wolf.”

“Wait first how do you know what we are” The Alpha said.

I got up and stood in front of him again “Don’t growl at me this time Coyote I could kill him if I make a mistake.” I put my palms to his temples and showed him the memory of meeting them. I learnt their names as he recognised them. Malia and Derek looked like they were in their wolf and coyote form. Scott and Liam were in there werewolf forms, Stiles looked like he normally would except for the black aura he let off and Lydia looked like a Screaming woman. I let him see when I meet Parrish, him having bright flame orange eyes and the heat marks he had on his body.

“Derek could we use your loft since she wants you there?” Scott asked.

“No I don’t want him there I want him to also see what I want to show you” I said loudly.

Derek just nodded. As we walked out I said out loud “Everything gets better but emotional scars stay, I’m so sorry Lydia, Scott and Stiles for your friend years ago. She is watching though” I move my left hand up and down revealing the they lost. “I knew her past life but this is the first time she has stayed with anyone. So I’m guess Scott you are her true love and she is waiting for you but shes also the angel guarding your lives all three of them.” I wave my hand again making her go out of view. I walk outside to the jeep, Stiles Jeep. I look around seeing another car and smile.

“What are you smiling about Adeline?” Derek asked when he caught me staring at his car.

I shake my head, “Nothing just remnants of broken memories and emotions, I can’t see may memories of what you’ve been through. Certain Objects hold meaning, Your car is a little object” I look him over “Your certain object is in the loft”

I walk over to Derek’s car and lean against it before shouting “Can we go now I don’t exactly like other people and I really wanna get home”. I smile watching Scott and Derek rush over to me.

“I’ll have Stiles drop me off at the loft” Scott says as Derek opens the passenger door for me to get in.

It was only about a ten minute drive and a few minute wait for Scott to turn up so Derek and I waited in the loft. When Scott entered he walked to us. I look at him then Derek and said “I would suggest you both sit and prepare for pain”. Once the walked to the sofa and sat I walked over to them and placed one palm on one of their temples before letting them see what I have been through.



I was walking back home from the market that day since the man of the house, my father was at work. Being just 15 I wasn’t meant to be out in the town square at all since father had told me that it was very dangerous for me out there but I didn’t listen I knew I could protect myself I didn’t understand that he meant that my powers weren’t meant to be used in public. An older man came up to me and pushed me into a darkened alley way. As he came closer to me I grew more scared and since I hadn’t learnt to control my powers yet it happened. I pushed him away and started running. As I ran all I kept hearing was him calling Witch and getting the attention of everyone in that village. They had blocked my escape to get back home.

They had captured me and brought me to the village centre where they had a stake they burnt what they classed as witches on. The pushed my back onto the stake and fastened my arms and legs to the stake so I couldn’t escape. As I looked around my eyes came upon my father doing nothing just watching and as I looked again my mother was also there. My mother always believed I was evil and she had the look of joy as the Village leader started the fire at my feet.

As the flames started to hit my legs and my screams started my parents left walking away and ignoring my screams. The flames kept building and before I knew it I couldn’t see anyone through the flames. My powers kicked in and stopped the flames revealing no one was around so I used my magic to undo the restraints around my arms and legs. Once I had removed them I landed painfully burnt legs. I knew that I had to find a way to get away from the village and somewhere no one would look for my body, so I summoned as much power as I could to get away. It was so much power that I passed out doing it.

When I came to I realised I was in a forest with wolves, I put my hand out and one nuzzled against my hand. I smiled at it and watched as the others went around me and together they all carried me to their hide out. When we got there, they disappeared but humans returned. As I looked I could see that they were the wolves and they were going to look after me just like I would them if need be. They feed me and looked me over checking every wound I had.

When I had a little bit more energy I started to heal myself but a noise startled the wolves and when I looked I saw humans hunting a few of the weaker ones, mostly the children. The adult wolves left to get more meat so it was just me and the elder wolves. I couldn’t handle watching them die, They people we now call hunters had killed all but one child and I was going to risk my life to protect this one baby wolf. My legs were healed enough so I could get to him. I ran to the little boy and put up a defensive wall and picked him up. As I ran back to the hiding spot I was in and putting back up a new defensive wall. As I looked down the boy was only around four and I knew even when he isn’t around I would protect people and keep them safe. The boy was crying so I held him tight “You’re safe now, I’ll protect you. I’m Kathrine Blackburn or Kat if you want.”
“Gideon Hale, Miss” he said in a whisper.

You’re safe with me Gideon. I wont let them get you.”

And I didn’t, I stayed with him all night until the others were meant to be back but when we got out of the hiding spot no one was there and I knew that from now till he went to start a family I would be his family and his Anchor just like he was my anchor.


I moved my hands away and sat on my legs shaking. I didn’t feel myself being moved I was stuck in another memory with Gideon. When I heard fingers being clicked in front of me I was brought to reality. “Adeline you back with us?” Scott asked and I nodded. “What happened to Gideon?” Scott asked again.

“He met a girl his age left me unknowing pregnant. Still birth.” I mumble.

“You’re lying Kathrine. I know you are, your heartbeat skipped.” Derek said before continuing “Is there another side of my family out there?”

I shock my head “The seventeen hundreds were rough. I lost a lot but I kept one thing with me the whole time.” I pulled my necklace off handing it to Derek “I named her Bonnie. She wasn’t wolf like her twin brother. She was actually human or she could pass as one. She was technically a hybrid had the healings of you wolves but not the immortality of me.” I waved my hand bringing a solid formed girl out of her hiding form. “Derek Hale meet the daughter of an ancestor of yours. Bonnie this is Derek Hale.”

The girl walked up to Derek and looked up at him “He has papa’s eyes. Mama…” She stops and looks at Scott “May I stay Alpha? I wont cause harm, I only want to help Mama find…” She thinks for a moment before waving her hand to reveal to images “Him we need to find my brother”

“Bonnie come here. We talked about using magic when there isn’t much need to use it.”

“But Mama they may help us find him”

“That’s my uncle Peter” Derek said.

I looked at him confused, “He’s your uncle, His names Peter?” Derek nods “I didn’t call him Peter.”

“Mama you called him Damian Peter Gideon. He used one of his middle names” Bonnie said excitedly.

When Derek’s loft door opens, Bonnie turns and growls turning wolf like just like Derek could. As her growls grow so did the person walking in but suddenly her growls stopped and turned into the sound of a content dog. When Derek and I got up, we walked to the entry way to the loft. “Bons stop doing that to Peter.”

“But Mama” She kept rubbing her wolf head into his leg.

“Bonnie Louise Blackburn-Hale get your wolf butt back here”

When she walked back to me Peter spoke up “Blackburn-Hale. Who in hell’s name is she?”

I smiled at him “You tell me Mr. Peter Hale.” After Scott joined us I made a memory visual to everyone.


1709 – Some Forest in central U.S.

I sat watching trees blow and weather change. I knew what was happening and it was scaring me, I was becoming a mother alone with some elder witch I had found. The sky turned dark and the animals went wild and I knew why, I was a very powerful witch who was pregnant with a werewolf’s baby, a Hale wolf baby at that. When the ground started to tremor the elder witch ran, afraid of what would happen next. As the contractions grew stronger, my powers clicked in more. The ground started to crack, thunder storms started and I was surrounded by flames as animals came to watch. Spirits of family members from both sides of this baby’s family surround me. As the hours went on the flames grew taller.


I change to a memory a few years later.



I watch as the twins run around, playing fighting with each other. I look away for a second to look at the flowers I was watering with my magic. When I looked back I found Damian on top of Bonnie. “Damian get off your sister this instant. We get that your strong but your sister hasn’t got use to being like you” I shout sternly before watching him try and attack her again but I stopped him putting up an invisible wall between them. “What did I say Damian?”

To not fight Bonnie Mama” he says soundly really sad.

And what did you do?”

Tried to attack her Mama”

I turn my attention to the forest before turning to them “Inside the house now. Bonnie remember the little spell you and your brother learnt.” Watching her nod. “You and Damian sing it for me inside okay” I watch them nod and run inside before turning my attention back to the forest. “You aren’t welcome here”

Oh Kat you’re in wolf territory” I closed my eyes and put my arms out.

I said you’re not welcome so please leave” I take a deep breath and looking back at the person with vibrant eyes.

And Kat I said this is wolf Territory”

That’s all it took for me to create a circle of fire around my house. I could feel the heat from it from where I stood. “There’s nothing her for you anymore”

We both know that’s a lie and I will get them you know that.” I lowered the fire wall and walked to the house to Bonnie.

Bonnie, wheres your brother?” I ask quietly.

Papa took him.”

I frown “We will find him”


I let the memory fade and went to my knees. “Bonnie go with Scott.”

“But Mama Damian”

“My names Peter”

“Bonnie please Scott will look after you, maybe you can show him Auntie Marie. Think you can show him Auntie Marie.”

She smiled and nodded yelling “yes Mama” as she pulled Scott away.

I look at Peter before giving him a more recent memory I held from when I found him again. I watched his expression sadden as I showed him my view of the Hale house and also my visits that he had forgotten.


2006 – Beacon Hills’ Long Term Care Facility


I walked through the doors of his room and sat near Peter and started talking. “Oh Damian look at you” I grabbed his hands giving him a little bit of healing “You look just like your father. I see you changed your name to Peter. So Peter you will get through this. We can get through this we have before. I thought you died I already lost Bonnie. You remember Bonnie, you liked fighting with her in our garden back in 1713. I was so sad when Bonnie told me Papa took you. I have been searching. I missed you my son” I got up and kissed his head “I love you my son” As I walked out of his room I ran into his nurse “Bye nurse” I quickly said signing out in the visitors log before using a spell to head home.


I smile sadly before turning my back to him “Bonnie time to go we aren’t allowed to stay. Say bye to Peter please”

“No Mama I want to stay here with Scott”

“You two can stay here for a little while Adeline. You and her are the only other surviving relatives I have left” Derek said grabbing my hand. “Please stay I want to learn more about Gideon and Bonnie’s Auntie Marie.” I nodded walking to Bonnie.

“Could you show him Auntie Marie?” She shakes her head. “Take a big breath okay?” She nods taking a deep breath, her eyes go a silver colour “Good now hold your hands out,palms to the roof and think of Auntie Marie”

I smile as she does it “That’s Allison. But not Allison.”

“That’s Marie. Beast of Gevaudan’s sister. We helped her and her husband once they were welcoming. They didn’t know we were supernatural but they assisted us and welcomed us into their family.” I watch as I noticed Allison’s Spirit around Scott. I wave my hand making her ghost like appearance solid watching her sit with Scott and Bonnie watching Bonnie’s memories of her Auntie Marie.

I walk back to Derek and Peter. Derek looked into the living area “I knew they would have made great parents if they had a chance sadly she left to soon from him. You are a light source to him right now hes missed her and moved on with Peter’s daughter.”

I looked at peter moving my head to the side. Assessing his aura “He doesn’t class her as his daughter. He tries, oh you try so hard to be a father but she pushes you away and I’m not surprised she does. You were raised by your father and your psychotic step-mother. No wonder your psychotic” He was getting mad and he growled before pouncing at me but I quickly chanted a defensive spell and yelled “Bonnie, Scott, Miss Allison leave now. Go to Stiles’ tell him that Bonnie’s mother has to deal with Peter and that she needed her daughter safe.”

I watch them leave “You left me. You were outside when he came and took me.” He was still mad. “Why did he only take me and not Bonnie? What was so important about me?”

“Peter look at yourself you have been alive more then three hundred years. You have survived longer then your kind should be. You took the bloody immortality. He wanted you because he and your step-mother brainwashed you just like you unknowingly brainwashed Meredith to make the Dead pool. He took you because you would live longer then your sister.” I walked towards him and looked into his eyes but he avoided my gaze “Damian Peter Gideon Blackburn-Hale” I yell. His gaze snapped to mine “I didn’t want you taken. I sent you inside because I heard your step-mother in the forest I didn’t know they were going to take you. If I did I would have tried so much harder to protect you.” I placed my hands on his cheeks “I miss you my son. I love you my son”

As I started walking away I felt his hand on my arm as he pulled me into a hug “I missed you so much Mama. Papa told me you died. I love you Mama”

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