Teen Wolf Imagines

Collection of Teen Wolf Imagines written by me


8. Hale House (Young Derek)

When I got the callfrom Parrish saying I should get to the sheriff station and that itwas about my husband, I quickly grabbed my bag and keys beforeexiting the apartment we lived in. I drove as fast as I could,following the speed limit of course, to get to the sheriff station tofind out why they called me. When I walked in I was greeted byParrish "Mrs Hale" I set him a glare "Sorry Y/N. I'll tellScott and Stiles you're here." He said before walking off.

As I look around theroom I see mostly deputies until my eyes land on a little boy in aroom alone, he looked about sixteen and when he caught eye contactwith me his eyes seemed so familiar to me so I walked in the roomleaving the door open. As I sat down I introduced myself "I'm Y/N.Whats your name?"

"Derek" he saidsounding very grumpy.

"Why are you hereDerek?" I asked trying to get him to open up.

"They said I wastrespassing"

"The Hale house. Hewas trespassing on the Hale House Y/N" Stiles exclaimed waving hisarms around.

"Do you want to visitit Derek?" I asked looking at the young boy. When he nodded Ilooked at Stiles and Scott "Tell Noah I'll take him for the night."

"Okay Y/N" Scottsaid "Be careful"

I just nodded as I gotup and held my hand out for Derek to take. When he grabbed it and gotup I lead him to the car I brought to the station, which happened tobe Adult Derek's Camaro.

As I drove to the nowrestored Hale House young Derek and I made small talk. I never knewwhat his high school life was like because he suppressed that part ofhim which resulted in him being rude to some people. I learnt abouthis family he spoke very fondly of them and I knew adult Derek wishedI could have met them because sometimes when he slept he would murmurin his sleep about his mom loving me and how much Talia couldn't waittill she got grandchild from Derek. Although after we had first gotmarried he took me to visit his family in the cemetery where heintroduced me to them, sounds weird I know but it was actually niceand I still visited them.

When we arrived at thehouse the first thing he did was run inside not that I minded sincetechnically it is his house. While he explored it I started making uslunch and thinking to myself how long could Derek be like this.

When I called him downfor lunch he came down stairs holding a little stuffed toy wolf. "Whoowns this wolf toy?" He asked quickly before placing it on thedining table near the food I had sat down. When I sat across from himand everything was quiet I watched his eyes dart around like his wastrying to secretly find something or was thinking about something."You're pregnant aren't you?" When I nodded "Its going to be awolf like you. Who's its dad?"

"He had to leave hispack made him leave me. He was also a wolf" I said knowing I wasn'ttechnically lying since Scott said Kate made him leave me and ofcourse we all knew he was a wolf. I watched his face turn sad so Iquickly added "This baby still has a family it has a pack of auntsand uncles and it has me which is most important."

When my phone beepedindicating a message he said "Did they find my parents yet?"

"Yeah but its notgood news, I'm sorry Derek."

"Who will take careof me?"

"I will till theyfind a realitive to take you, theres a spare room near the baby'sroom.

They rest of theafternoon was me telling him about my life and how I grew up. Helearnt that I was a born wolf just like he was and that I had movedto Beacon Hills because I was transferred to the sheriff station tohelp. Around 5 in the afternoon Derek and I decieded to watch a movieof his choice. About half way through the movie he fell asleep withhis head in my lap and me strocking his hair.

A few hours later thehouse door open only a few people bothered me while with Derek so Iknew that was someone from the pack or Peter. When the person walkedcloser to the living room I knew it was Peter so I said "Peter bequiet please I have a sleeping wolf on me" That seemed to make himrun to me "I said quiet"

When Peter looked in mylap he said "But that's"

I cut him off holdingmy hand up "Yep this is Derek"

"But he's in histeenage years."

"I worked out it isjust after Paige and before Kate or the very beginning. He thinks mypartner left me pregnant and alone."

"Wait you'repregnant?"

"Yes Peter I'mpregnant and he found out" Derek stirred in his sleep and startedto growl "Calm down Derek its just my friend Peter. We are safe noones going to hurt us."

"Is he the baby's dad?" Derek asked in a whisper.

"No hes that baby's great uncle."

he said "Okay" before falling back to sleep so I ran my fingers through his hair.

"He's so calm he wasnever this calm at that age."

I smile at him "I think somewhere in there he knows I'm his anchor"

"Or he feels the need to protect you from something"
"Kate maybe"

"Kate died I killed her"
"No you made her into a were-jaguar Scott said"

"So you think Young deaged Derek knows shes going to harm you."
"She harmed the rest of the family why not his wife and unborn child. Maybe you're on her list too."

I spent the rest of the night on the sofa with young Derek in my lap I did get a little bit of sleep until I was woken by a kiss on my forehead and a hand on my belly. When I opened my eyes I came eye to eye with the Derek I married. "Good morning my lovelies"

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