Teen Wolf Imagines

Collection of Teen Wolf Imagines written by me


3. Badass with a Gun

I walk into Derek's loft like I always did when I came to town. As I looked around I was meet with two sets of unfamiliar eyes.

"Is Derek here?" I ask.

"Not yet" The brunette replied.

"Okay" I say as I walk to the fridge.

"You shouldn't do that" The brunette said again.

I walk out with a beer in hand taking my jacket off revealing my gun.

"Do you have a license for that?" This time it was the guy with black hair who spoke.

I threw my id at the brunette.

"Oh. Y/N. FBI. Fancy"The brunette said before moving towards me. "I want to join the FBI."

I smile at him "You're werewolf friend has more of a chance at passing." The loft door opens and Derek walking in "Scott? Stiles? Why are you here?"

"New threat we need help with." The black haired boy said.

"He cant help you"I said looking at Derek.

Derek smiles "Hello Y/N" My expression turned serious and I got up walking to my bag pulling out two pieces of paper handing them to him.

"The FBI want me?"I nod "Why?"

"Mass murder,kidnapping. They think you should be behind bars." I say.

"Wait... You're here to arrest Derek" The brunette spoke.

"Stiles shh." Derek growled as he looked at the other piece of paper "They brought bounty hunters in too?" I smiled. "They don't know you have placed yourself as a bounty hunter too."

I shake my head walking to Derek's room changing before walking down in normal clothes instead of my suit. I walk back to my bag pulling out a map marking packs, FBI strong holds and Bounty hunter towns in different colours.

"Red is?" Stiles asks.

"FBI" I reply

"Yellow is?" Stiles asks again.

"Bounty hunters" I reply.



"How do you know all this?" Scott asks.

"Shes in the FBI, a bounty hunter and like Argent she protects innocent people and hunts bad supernatural creatures."

"Shes a badass"Stiles yells.

"I'm a badass with a gun whom is an accurate shoot"

"Be careful Stiles she will shoot" Derek says.

"They have your address they will come here and search. Oh I need to call Chris." I get up and call Chris Argent while still keeping an eye on the boys.The call went to voice mail like I knew it would. "Code AA at DH"I turn my phone off and join the boys. I drink the rest of my beer while waiting for Chris.

When Chris walked through the door both Stiles and Scott looked shocked.

"You called AA, Y/N"Chris said, I nodded pointing to the map. "Who's got to get out?"

"Hale" I reply.

"Are the greens after him to?" I nod while grabbing the bounty hunter flyer "7 million?"

"Look at the date on it"

"Y/N this is years old"

"Need a laptop Derek" I say as I watch him leave.

"Who is actually under AA?" Chris asked.

I look at the boys."Lets go to the safe room. Tell Derek Chris and I have gone to talk" They nodded watching Chris and I walk away into a room that doesn't let any noise out but also jams phones.

"Who's under code AA,Y/N?" Chris said again.

"New niece or nephew,sister and brother in law." I say.

"Cant escape which you know and is why you called AA"

I sigh "You need to protect them as well as the one you have already."

He nods opening the door as I walk out. Derek was on the couch. "Plan AA is in place Derek." He nods.

"Laptops in the kitchen" I nod going to get the laptop and walking back into the living room starting up the bounty hunter records. "There's Derek"I say.

"hes worth a lot."Stiles says before I laugh "What?"

I type "Meet how much his children would be worth. Derek Plan AA needs to happen as soon as possible" He nods grabbing the laptop and going upstairs.

"Code AA and Plan AA.Whats AA?" Stiles asks.

"Cant say" I say.

Scott looks at Chris"Its her"

"Scott don't, the less you know"

"Kate?" I asked looking at Chris.

His eyebrows farrow before understanding what I meant and nods.

"Derek K is looking after Jewel."

"Please tell us what plan AA is" Scott yells.

"Plan AA is Allie."I scream.

"Allie?" Stiles asks.

I point at Scott"You're Allie." I look at Chris "They deserve to know"

He nods "My house in an hour boys"

"Chris, Y/N we need to go now" Derek screams down the stairs.

1 Hour Later

I was sitting on the floor playing with the toddler. As the door opens the little girl gets up.

"Uncle Scott" She screams happily.

"Angel" Scott says picking her up.

"Angel?" I ask Scott.

"Chris says her name is Angel."

"She's his Angel.Scott Meet Allison." I say


"The second Allie.Come look at this room."

I lead Scott to a room Chris keeps the family pictures in. I pick up one.

"Auntie Allie and Mummy" Baby Allison muttered.

"Plan AA is Plan Allison Argent. Dad cant lose both daughters" I smile as we walk out the room with me still holding the picture.

"Uncle Scott play"

Scott sits on the floor"Anything else?"

"Plan AA states that if both me and Derek die dad takes the children. But he does already,we cant risk people finding out and harming the children."

"We? Children?"

I didn't notice the door open "Derek and I. Allie and your future niece or nephew. I don't care if Allison broke up with you, You're still family to dad and I"


All of a sudden Stiles says "Derek's a dad" And starts to laugh.

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