Be More Chill & Dear Evan Hansen Oneshots

Oneshots anyone? For the Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen musicals. My oneshots! I may do some others from time to time like The Book of Mormon. (suggestions for some are definitely open)


2. Sorry... - Tree bros - Dear Evan Hansen

A/N: angst I guess...



"Am I not laughing hard enough for you?!"

                                            "You're the freak here!" 

                                                                     "FUCK YOU!"


Well... Connor was having a bad day to say the least. He'd gone and gotten himself high, yelled at his parents and pushed over his long time crush.

The loner now sat in Science class, tapping his pen to a slow beat.


I'm sorry, so sorry, 

That I was such a fool

I didn't know

Love could be so cruel...


Tears were threatening to pour now and the need for a chance, just one was all he wanted, to make things better. To make things right.

He had stopped listening to the teachers words now, letting them torment his feelings. Gay ass. They screeched. All he wanted now was to go home and get ridiculously high...maybe drink a little. Let the sky be the last thing he saw forever.

Connor lowered his head to the bench. Another wrong thing and he'd be the one pushing himself over the edge, not old age or a cripple. He'd do it himself. 

Like the monster he was, his clothes were black and liveliness. Just a hooded jacket, ripped jeans and converse. 

If he had just... controlled himself maybe Evan wouldn't've been hurt. Maybe he would've explained that he cried himself to sleep at night, that he smoked weed to calm the constant anxiety, driving him crazy day by day. Maybe Evan would tell him that he would be ok, that he should try to stop and take deep breath and that everything will be alright

It was too late for that now... a broken arm, a bruised rib...


I'm sorry, so sorry

Please accept my apology

But love is blind

And I was blind to see


Connor loved Evan, right? Was that the feeling. The butterflies that flitted their way around at blushes or giggled Evan let into the world.

"Mr Murphy," The teacher, Mr Dean said, snapping Connor out of his thoughts. "You're partners with Mr Hansen." A slightly sadistic smile was on his face.


Dear Connor Murphy,

Today you find yourself writing one of those petty letters Evan writes to himself. It was not a good day and it won't be tomorrow or for the rest of the year and here's why; 

You're a screw up, and that's ok, but there's no fixing what you did and what you feel. You won't ever forgive yourself if you keep going on alone. 

Sure you have Zoe but... Has she really helped you? 

Sincerely, Me.




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