Be More Chill & Dear Evan Hansen Oneshots

Oneshots anyone? For the Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen musicals. My oneshots! I may do some others from time to time like The Book of Mormon. (suggestions for some are definitely open)


3. I'm Only Human I Swear! - Human!! SQUIP - BMC

I'm Only Human I Swear!

Be More Chill


The SQUIP incident had not been that long ago, but people were starting to move on from it at lease. It was slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. The few that did remember it, wanted to just forget. And that was it. School just seemed normal. Well, as normal as it can be at least.

Classes were up and running, a new play was being organised and there was a distinct lack of super computers trying to take over the world destroying people on its way there. Instead, there was a new topic amongst the boys and girls. Whispers, texts, tweets. You name it and it’s been used already. Apparently a new student had arrived.

It was early morning and the girls were already gushing and whispering about his unique, but awfully good looks, as well as manners. The fact that he was quite the flirt helped his own situation. He spoke as if he weren’t afraid of his own death. Soothing.

Even the boys talked about how strange he looked, but he still looked so mature. How he managed to walk away from every argument and if it did come to a fight, which it had only a few times, he’d end it quicker than one could look, with either words or the use of violence.

He stuck out of the crowd like no other, with shoulder long dark hair, which seemed to be practically illuminated by blue streaks that waved through them every now and then. The streaks appeared to be same colour as his eyes, of which one was covered by hair. They were such a bright blue they appeared to be glowing.

Contrasting his pale but smooth skin and clothing style, which was formal, black and dark blue trench coat covered his fine suit. It suited him and his slim, tall body, but it surely wasn’t something for everyday life in school. A bag hung off his shoulder, the same blue as everything else on him. It just really was his colour.

He was roaming the hallways, glancing from side to side. He was looking for something, for somebody, while trying to ignore the people that went by, obnoxiously talking about him or to him. After all he was here for a purpose. And he had to finish what he had begun not too long ago.

The SQUIP stopped at his locker, purposely designed to be right next to Jeremy Heere's - the boy that ruined his one chance at world domination with petty friendship. He got a few weird glances from the tall male as he took extra long taking science books from his locker. Why the hell did he even bother going to classes? The SQUIP already had a data base full of information and everything. It's not like he could learn any more.

A bottle of Mountain Dew Red poked from Jeremy's backpack. A precaution. That made the SQUIP sick to his human stomach. 

"Uh... hey?" Jeremy spoke, tapping the SQUIP on the shoulder. "You're the new kid right?"


Well at least he isn't such a wimp any more.


The SQUIP grinned in a devilish way. "Yes, Jeremy Heere. I am."



A/N: welp that's all for right now. I might make a part 2. Who knows *shrugs* but hey, enjoy this crap 

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