Be More Chill & Dear Evan Hansen Oneshots

Oneshots anyone? For the Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen musicals. My oneshots! I may do some others from time to time like The Book of Mormon. (suggestions for some are definitely open)


5. Hanahaki Disease - Boyf Riends - Be More Chill

Michael stared at his hand, chest aching. It was a pain he'd never experienced before. Like his chest was slowly being cleaved in two. The dainty, yet deadly, thing in his hand was foreign in his gaze. The petal of a flower, resting delicately in his palm.

It seemed harmless, and yet, the more Michael looked at it, the more he feared it. The longer he stared at it, the more trouble he had breathing. The longer he thought about it, the more tears pooled up in his eyes.

His chest shuttered painfully with a sob as he fell to his shaking knees, fingers curling around the flower petal in anger. He wanted everything to stop. He wanted to stop the pain, the feelings, life. He just wanted to escape, but there was nothing he could do. Not by himself.

Michael had Hanahaki Disease.

The worse disease to exist in his opinion. A disease that slowly kills you with love. The only disease that makes you cough up flowers when the person you love... does not return such a heartfelt emotion towards you.


Michael that morning, eyes red and puffy. He was truthfully exhausted from crying. He knew what people thought about him in this moment; that he was high. That his normally excited demeanour was cancelled out by drugs due to the dark bags under his eyes and his hands being stuffed in his pockets. His new found friend Jake came up to him, a frown on his face

"Hey Michael... are you okay bud?" He asked, placing a hand on his shoulder as he looked at him with concern. Jake always knew when he was down, much to Michael's distaste.

Michael looked at him blankly before opening his mouth to speak. He couldn't get the words out as he started coughing and out of his mouth fell flower petals. Jake looked at them, paling as he recognised it. He met Michael's tearful eyes with glossy ones of his own. "Oh Mikey..."

He pulled him into a hug that Michael hopelessly accepted. "I'm so sorry..." Jake said as his boyfriend Rich arrived.

"God you look like (th)shit Michael, what'(th)s up?" He asked as the two pulled away from their hug, looking Michael up and down. Jake gestured to the flower petals in his hand, earning a confused look from Rich. He thought about it for a moment—the action unusual for our fiery red son—as he pieced together his appearance with the flowers. "Oh (th)shit... sorry dude..."

They stood in silence for what seemed like eternity. Rich and Jake had gone through this same thing about a month ago, Jake unfortunately baring flower petal vomit before Rich found out and confessed his love for the former.

The silence dragged on before Jake spoke up. "Who is it..." he asked quietly, inviting Michael to either answer or let it drop. Michael opened his mouth to respond but before he could, the said person arrived.

"Morning guys!" Jeremy chirped. Michael looked away, biting his lip to hold back the on coming tears. Rich and Jake looked between them—the former filling with excitement at their ship for a moment—their blood running cold as they pieced it together. "Uh you good Michael? You look like you just got back from hell only to be landed in another!"

"I have to go..." he whispered before rushing off to the bathroom. Jeremy watched him go in confusion. He looked to Rich and Jake for answers as they watched him go sadly.

"What's up with him?"


Michael wrapped his arms tighter around himself. "What are you going to do, Mell?" Jake asked, eyes conveying most of his concern.

It had been a few months since the discovery of Michael's Hanahaki Disease, and he was getting worse. Jeremy remained unaware of his condition; he was trying to spare himself the pain of having to be around him.

"There's only two ways, Jakey-D..." Rich reminded his Boyf. "Go through the surgery and have to flowers removed-"

"And stop feeling love for Jer..." Jake added to which Rich confirmed by nodding before he continued on.

"Or let the disease do its thing." He finished looking at the ground. They all knew what that meant. Michael could get the disease removed, or die loving Jeremy.

"Isn't there a chance he'll develop feelings back?" Jake suggested. Michael looked away coughing up more and more flowers. The other two watched sadly, fear and despair as they watched their friend suffer.

"J-jake that's extremely rare," Michael muttered, voice raspy from coughing and crying. "And if he did, there's no telling he'll do it before this kills me..."

There was a heavy silence. It was almost as suffocating as the flowers growing in Michael's lungs. None of them made a move to speak. They were torn between two losing scenarios. Michael thought about the consequences of each choice. If he went through surgery he'd live. He'd still get to see Jeremy and live his life; but he'd stop loving him. Could he bear that? Could he lose this beautifully painful feeling for him? He could let the disease kill him and spend every last moment loving his player 1 with all of his heart. Would he let himself die to this disease over love for him? How long would it take? Would he waste his whole life continuing to love?

Michael took a deep breath. "I've made up my mind."


Six months later, Jeremy walked into the school. He was eager to find Rich and spill his heart out about a new discovery he found out this morning. Upon finding him, he excitedly pulled on his arm to get his attention."

"Rich! Guess what!" He exclaimed. His heart was racing in his chest, and a giddy feeling flowed through him enticing a small giggle to come out. He more than likely would explode without telling anyone.

"What do you want tall-ass?" Rich asked with a wide smile despite the annoyed tone in his voice.

"I'm in love!"

His friend laughed with a smile. "Oh yeah? With who?"


Rich paled, mouth going dry. He looked over at Michael across the courtyard talking to Chloe. He seemed totally normal, looked so as well. "Jer... you know Michael went through the Hanahaki Disease removal surgery a few months ago right?" He managed.

"Oh god no. I had no idea." Jeremy said in shock, looking over at Michael. "Who was he in love with?"

Rich winced, looking down sadly. He looked from Michael back to Jeremy, finally answering after a moment of painful silence.


The world around Jeremy seemed to shatter as he froze. He was hit with a wave of realisation, leaving him gasping for a breath. As he did so, he started to cough. When he looked down, his heart stopped. In his hand, so dainty, yet so deadly....

Sat the petal of a flower.

A/n: so yeahhh. About 1150 words. Soo proud. Comment please.

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