Be More Chill & Dear Evan Hansen Oneshots

Oneshots anyone? For the Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen musicals. My oneshots! I may do some others from time to time like The Book of Mormon. (suggestions for some are definitely open)


1. Birthday!! - Twin Mell x Michael x Jeremy - Be More Chill

a/n: This is all a platonic friendship, no romance sorry XD


It’s your birthday today. (y/b), what a swell date!

You and your brother, Michael were planning to stay out the whole day (and night) partying on accept… your parents weren’t home so you couldn’t ask.

“Michael!” You called your twin up from the basement, but he doesn’t come.

“I have pizza!” You try once again. Once again, you get no response.

Sighing softly to yourself, you walk down to the basement door. You knock softly, hearing a shuffling sound followed by a flustered. “What is it?!”

You open the door to find the bean bags pilled suspiciously in the corner and Michael standing in front of the TV/PlayStation you set up.

Michael coughed. “Think of anything to do yet, (y/n)?” He smiles. “Maybe Jeremy could come over….”

“Not when he’s right there!” You exclaim pointing at the beanbags. “He’s not even good at hiding. I can see his feet!”

Just as you comment about it, the converse covered feet slip beneath the fabric of the beanbag half slumped on the ground. A sigh slips out of your mouth. “Can we just go to Sev’ Elev’ or something?”

“Only if you buy us slushies.” Jeremy’s muffled voice sounded over the ruffle of beanbags.

You scoffed in half shock. “It’s my birthday. You’re buying.”

Your brother hands you a single $100 note. You gape at him. “Where did you get this?!” you squeal with delight.

“Rich, Jake, Chloe, Brooke…” he rambled pulling out more notes with each name.

“And you didn’t tell me?!”

He simply smirked handing them to you. “I half forgot.”

“Bishhhh~” You reply hitting him gently on the shoulder.

Jeremy hands you one more note. “I’m buying for all of us.”

The rest of the day you spend it with Jeremy and Michael on a shopping spree. Regardless of their grumbling, the boys had a great time (once you bought them a couple of pacman hoodies).

After that eventful day, you lay in bed and remembered why you were their friends.

A player one and two is great, but a player three helps keep things sane…sorta

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