2. Chapter 1

The young woman drew a deep breath and ran her fingers through her thick afro.

So, this is Lagos? She thought cautiously as she stepped off the bus. She had always wanted to come to the city of excellence, but never had the opportunity to do so until now. Only she wasn’t there to visit. She was there for a fresh start.

Raising her face towards the hot sun, she closed her eyes and smiled, letting the light soak deep into her skin, opening her bag, she fished around for the piece of paper she wrote down an address.

​Here we go.... Sitting down on a nearby wooden bench, she spread out the folded paper and began to study the content.

​She stretched out her neck and gave it a rub, every inch of her body was sore- over 300miles on a bus would do that to a person, stifling a yawn, she tried to focus on the task at hand.

​You’re almost there; don’t freak out now.... she silently pleaded. Her final destination was within reach and she wouldn’t give up until she made it there.

Warily, she put the paper back in her bag; she figured she could just walk down to the hotel she made a reservation with. She was slightly giddy at the thought of a cool shower and a soft bed, and prayed those luxuries greeted her upon her arrival.

​Arriving at The Wheatbaker Guesthouse twenty minutes, she felt ready to collapse. This moment had been a long time coming and the relief she felt brought fresh tears to her exhausted eyes.

​Get a grip, she scolded herself. No more crying.

​She walked up to the hallway, admiring the beauty of the cozy guesthouse; she opened the door and walked in, the hotel had a historical setting.

​“Hello, how may I help you,” a pleasant voice called. A bit startled, she turned around and saw a friendly looking old woman. “I’m Mrs Olayinka. You’re welcome to The Wheatbaker Guesthouse,” the woman smiled at her. “I guess you’re Michelle? We’ve been expecting you; please feel comfortable, I’ll get you some cookies.”

​She nodded, “Yes I’m Michelle... Michelle Odunayo,” she smiled hesitantly.

​“Give me a minute, I’ll be back,” Mrs Olayinka said.

​Michelle felt her tensed muscles start to relax. This is really amazing, she thought happily.

​Mrs Olayinka walked back into the room with a plate of cookies. “ Knock yourself out my dear,” she smiled.

​Michelle put a cookie in her mouth, it really tasted so good, “These are so wonderful ma.”

​“Thank you, how long will you be staying at the hotel?” Mrs Olayinka asked.

​“I don’t really know, just until I get a permanent place of my own.”

​“Just settle in first, my son has a place for rent, I could talk to him if you want.” She grinned.

​“That would be really nice ma, I really appreciate. Thank you so much.”

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