Just Neighbours

The typic boy next door tries to seduce you, but when you start finding out his secret, it's hard for you to fall in his trap.


9. Window Buddies

It was now the middle of the day, so what I usually do is my homework. I took out my highlighters and started making notes.

Here's one thing everyone that KNOWS me really well should know. I. Love. Taking. Notes.

Like, I swear I have an obsession or something.

After a long hour of passing time with homework, a thought flickered in my head. He gave me his number.

I quickly went and put his number in my contacts as 'neighbour', because why not. My finger was lingering, deciding wether if I call now I'd sound too desperate or that I JUST want to talk. But to be fair, it's 2017 and everyone is desperate anyway.

Trrr trrrrr.... -dialling-

-Hey, didn't think you'd call so soon.

-Me neither ( laughing )

-Ok so... I'm having a pool party... interested?

-You just want to see me in a bikini don't you.

-Maybe, what do you say? A few of my friends will be there, some girls too.

-Meh, Allright.

-I'll text you the details!


~Call ended~

Oh. My. God

I know I said that he was the one that wanted to see me in a bikini but damn I just cant wait to see him in his trunks. Does that sound slutty?

I cringed at my thoughts as my phone vibrated, he had texted me already.

-3pm - 6pm (you are welcome to stay longer ;) ) Tomorrow.

The flirting again, oh god.

Okay I'm not gonna lie I'm actually VERY nervous. I know I run every day and used to do dancing but I still feel like my body is.. just is not perfect like I want it to be.

I'm more insecure however about my eye colour, which is why I wear brown contact lenses. This silly but I have this thing in my mind that everyone in my family has brown eyes but me so I need to fit in. This time I left my contact lenses on the side of the bathroom sink, because usually I'd get them ready for the morning on my desk. However much I felt left out, I loved my emerald green eyes anyway.


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