Just Neighbours

The typic boy next door tries to seduce you, but when you start finding out his secret, it's hard for you to fall in his trap.


2. The New House

I smiled to

myself as I stepped through my new home's double doors. This summer will be one to remember.



"Darling would you answer the door for me? I'm just taking the roasts out the oven." Elizabeth said putting her oven gloves on.

"SURE MUM." I shouted from upstairs, putting my laptop down on my new bed.

I shot downstairs as the doorbell went off again.

"Coming!" I shouted.

I got to the front door and opened it. I could see a beautiful woman with green eyes and red hair. She was holding a plate with loads of chocolate chip cookies.

I forced myself to smile even though it was 8AM and my face muscles haven't properly woken up yet.

"Hi! You must be the new neighbours." I said smiling.

"Yes, I've come to greet you with some welcome cookies. Please excuse my son, he didn't want to come even when I bribed him with cookies." She said smiling.

My mum suddenly came fast walking to greet the neighbor.

"Hello! Come in!" she said excitedly. I know she loves socializing so I excused myself, grabbed two cookies and headed to my room.

As I climbed up the stairs I took a bite and OH MY LORD they were heaven scented.

I sat on the little fort I made on my window and put my drawing pad on my knees. It was then, as I looked around, I realised that my window was parallel to another. Which made sense because the neighbour's house is exactly the same but turned around.

I looked down on my drawing pad and started drawing. A lot of people are into Anime, however I have discovered it wasn't my style, so I tried portraits.

I have one of Cole Sprouse which actually turned out quite good actually, however the one with Arianna Grande failed a little as I couldn't get her nose and ears right.

When I looked back to the parallel window, I noticed a pair of green eyes staring back at my hazel ones...

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