Just Neighbours

The typic boy next door tries to seduce you, but when you start finding out his secret, it's hard for you to fall in his trap.


5. The Game

"Game on!" he said, pressing start.

He was swearing at wrong turns and I was movng my controller like crazy. Neither if us wanted to lose the bet. My hair was getting in my eyes and I couldn't see properly.

I was in the lead but he was just behind me, this all changed when he threw a mushroom at me and I fell behind, him getting a lead on me.

"Damn it!" I whispered.

"Ha!" he said, twisting his controller.

He won.

I slammed the controller down and quickly pinned my hair backwards.

I stood up and opened the door.

"You owe me a kiss, Jazz!" he shouted.

"Not today!" I said running down the stairs, hearing footsteps fast walking from behind me.

I fastened my pace until J had gotten to the door.

When I opened the door, I saw myself facing his mother.

"Ouh. Hello dear." my neighbor said.

"Hi, I was just leaving." I said smiling.

"Allright, I'll see you around, me and Arthur will be coming over for dinner tomorrow evening." she said holding her fancy purse.

I waved and ran back to my house, ignoring Elizabeth and going up to my room. I looked through my window to see Arthur looking back at me.

I shut the curtains and smirked.

From that moment I knew, this boy would drive me nuts.

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