Just Neighbours

The typic boy next door tries to seduce you, but when you start finding out his secret, it's hard for you to fall in his trap.


15. New chapter

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~The pool~

So Clara, Tristan (The beautiful blue eyed boy), and the dark skinned boy with dark eyes and big lips called Nathan. I was kinda digging Tristan, I'm not gonna lie!

I mean, Nathan wasn't too bad but I'n not really into... well... you know, dark skinned people. But he did have an amazing personality! He brightened up the party with his humour, which wasn't going too bad I have to say.

Me, Tristan and Nathan were getting to know each other: I found out that Nathan was adopted but he loved his adoptive parents. I also gound out that Tristan had a little sister he really loved. The pair were friends since 1st grade, then Artur joined them and brought Clara along in 5th grade.

Instantly, a thought came to my mind. And as it did, I looked over to Arthur and Clara, who were laughing trying to get on the flamingo.

I turned to the two boys and hesitated.

"Do, they like... have a thing?"

"Um... Well they used to but they decided to break it off because it was too awkward." Tristan answered as he went to swim a lap.

"But he's available now ya know what I mean." He said winking and joining Tristan at the other end of the pool.

I shook my head and looked around

I was left alone and realised that Clara had jooned the two boys too, and Arthur was sort of suspended on the flamingo by himself. I slowly swam over to him, not wanting him to be aware that I was going to give him the fright of his life.

He was sort of staring at nothing, deep in thought with his eyebrows furrowed.

"BOO!" I screamed over the music playing,

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