Just Neighbours

The typic boy next door tries to seduce you, but when you start finding out his secret, it's hard for you to fall in his trap.


13. Meeting his friends

2 hours passed and all the decorations and refresments were set up, his back garden had been turned into some kind of VIP pool party.

We are now sittin gon his sofa, watching a documentary about sea life. I always covered my eyes when it came to the facts about blue whales: I hated how they are so big.

"I'll go get changed, they shiuld be here in a bit." I said getting up and dtanding next to the sofa.

"Yeah, I will too. I'll get changed in my room you get the bathroom." he said while getting up as well and heading upstairs to his room.


"Unless you want to get changed in my room too, you are very welcome to." He said smirking.

"Nice try." I said as he smiled and started going up the stairs to his bedroom.

I followed him up, but going to the bathroom instead of his room. I quickly put everything on and tied my hair up.

When I opened the door I saw him leaning against the wall, looking down the corridor in deep thought opposite the bathroom.

"You okay?" I said giving him a reassuring smile to pull him back to reality.

As he turned his head to respond, he looked at me, with his eyes wide and his moth slightly open. I saw him scanning me.


"Y...you look really nice." he said raising his eyebrow and getting off the wall, getting at least half a meter away from me.

"You look nice too. We match." he was also wearing black shorts which were waterproof. His subtle abs were showing as well as his muscular arms.

I also edged closer to him, smiling and looking down.

"Jazz?" he asked.


"Can I kiss you?" he said, looking nervous for the first time since I've met him. Yesterday.

"You can." I said, letting him get closer.

He closed his eyes and I closed mine, our lips less than an inch away. Sudd

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