The Mirror A novel

Lynne Fraser lives in New York with her single mother, Rose, When she goes to a fair, she buys a mysterious mirror owned by a warlock named Armin Shallow. When her friends have a party, they all fall victim to the paranormal influences that threaten their lives.


2. The Mirror-Part Two



Race stared at his rich father's office.

"It wasn't my fault,  Dad. Lynne hurt me", he said.

Brian Martin shook his head.

"For a long time you couldn't be a Ice Hockey player who performed well for your New York team. And you pick on girls because you're two hundred pounds. What if you meet your future wife Race, and date ordinary girls who love you because you're a sports star in the making. For now on, you should apologize to Lynne. She's having an all-girls party tonight. Go there, and be the hero".

And he nodded, as he walked out of the huge office, and walked to Lynne's house.



Lynne stared at the italic writing.

​Armin S. 1905. Warlock.

​"Mom, you don't believe in warlocks do you?", she asked her.

"There's a lot of warlocks and witches during Halloween", Rose answered her.

"It's heavy​", Lynne said.

"I​ know, Lynne. Let's put the mirror in the boot. Then we'll have afternoon tea". Rose opened the back of the boot; she then placed into it, then she closed it. Once the car was locked up, they headed to The Faire Café​, where they had coffees, and shared a New York cheesecake...before they headed back home.



Lynne savoured the cheesecake.

She pondered on the news that everyone would be trick r' treating tonight. Rose smiled at her teenage daughter; Lynne drank her coffee, as she stared at the other teenagers who were smiling at the scary rides. Rose stared at the coffee.

"Will you make up with Race?", Rose asked her.

"Race has an attitude problem, Mom", she answered her.

"But will he come...".


And she sighed, as she finished eating.



Natalie Young arrived at six-thirty PM.

She wore a black gown, and black boots on her feet.

"Trick r' treat!", she said.

"Trick r' treat!", Lynne smiled.

"Tricia, Rhonda, Beth, and Mary will be here soon", Natalie said.

"Fine by me. I have a new mirror. It's in my bedroom", Lynne told her.

"Can I see it?", Natalie asked her.

"Yes, but be wary. It was formerly owned by an old warlock", Lynne answered her.



Tricia Myles knocked on the front door.

She was dressed as a witch.

The bright lights of the house illuminated her face.

"Hello? Is there anyone here?", she asked.

"I'm here, Tricia", Race answered her.

"Race! I didn't know you were here", she answered him.

"I came to apologize to Lynne. I acted like an idiot at school".

"Yeah, let's go inside", Tricia said.

And he smiled.



Lynne was in shock.

"Race! I don't want to talk to you", she said.

"I just came back to your house to apologize for being stupid. I was wrong. Can I stay for the party? I can be the security if something goes wrong for free". Lynne shook her head.

"Fine, do you want to see the warlock's mirror? I bought it at the fair with my mom in the afternoon". Race felt his heart beat faster...then it slowed down.

"I love to", he said.


Rhonda Fletcher, Beth Andrews, and Mary Johnstone, knocked on the front door. They were dressed as witches; Lynne opened the front door.

"Good evening", Lynne said.

"Good evening. May we come inside?", Rhonda asked her.

"Yes", Lynne answered.

And she closed the door, and let them inside.

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