The Mirror A novel

Lynne Fraser lives in New York with her single mother, Rose, When she goes to a fair, she buys a mysterious mirror owned by a warlock named Armin Shallow. When her friends have a party, they all fall victim to the paranormal influences that threaten their lives.


3. The Mirror-Part Three



Lynne saw Race gaze at the mirror.

"Have you heard about the warlock?", she asked him.

"No. I haven't. Besides, all I've heard about warlocks is that they're powerful magic users", Race answered her. She nodded, as she saw herself dressed in a black gown...and having black eyes.


Rhonda glanced at the mirror.

"It's creepy", she said.

She saw herself as a Dark Priestess. She had red eyes, and was demonic. She shivered with dread. She backed away in horror; she sensed a strange power coursing through her body. Rhonda backed away from it. She didn't want to believe in magic; she was eager to think that dark magic wasn't real.

"The mirror is cursed", she uttered.

And she looked at Race, Lynne, and her friends...and knew that this Halloween was the scariest time of the year.



Rose ordered the pizza using her I-phone app.

She was finished before the teenagers ran towards her.

"What's the matter?", she asked them.

"The mirror is evil", Rhonda answered her.

"Lynne brought it. You don't believe in magic", she answered her.

"It is evil. It's been made by a Dark Warlock".

"How do you know that, Rhonda?", Lynne said.

"I have read a lot of books on the paranormal, supernatural, and occult. And that mirror is evil because it shows the future of those people who stare into it". Lynne shivered. She didn't think that the night had disturbed her train of thought; she thought about the darkness of the old mirror...and knew that it had to be taken away before the night was over.


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