The Mirror A novel

Lynne Fraser lives in New York with her single mother, Rose, When she goes to a fair, she buys a mysterious mirror owned by a warlock named Armin Shallow. When her friends have a party, they all fall victim to the paranormal influences that threaten their lives.


1. The Mirror-Part One




Lynne ​Fraser was Scottish-American.

She had a lot of family in Edinburgh. She had read a lot of books about mysteries, the supernatural, and paranormal when she turned thirteen. Rose, her mother, was a antiques buyer, was forty-five. After her husband Randall Fraser, died in a skiing accident in Canada, two years' ago, in the winter of two thousand and fifteen, it was a struggle to deal with the death. He was only forty-seven. Lynne knew that she was eager to be with her friends at an upcoming party during Halloween. She gazed at the books in school.

"Are you alright, Lynne?", Natalie Young asked her. She smiled.

"Yes, I am", she answered her. Her long, blonde hair flowed down her back. Her blue eyes focused on the bright hallway.

"I was thinking whether you would come to my house for a party". Natalie smiled.

"I'd love to go", she said.

And she smiled.


Lynne imagined that she would be free of Race Jim Martin's advances. The ice hockey player was known for getting the puck into the goals. He had a sense of power over the girls in New York. She stared at the tall boy who was two hundred pounds, and was known to obtain beer at ​Bradley's Alcohol House​ in Lower Manhattan. She knew the eighteen year old had taunted her since last winter. He stopped her near her grey locker.

"Are you alone, now Lynne?", Race asked her.

"Go away, Race before I kick you in the balls", she answered him. He smirked. Then, as he prevented Lynne from leaving, she did as she said she would do. She kicked him where it hurts with her right shoe. Race screamed. Then, as Principal Fred Richardson walked towards them, he said:

"What's the matter? What's going on?", he asked.

"Race threatened me, like he did with Liz Anderson", Lynne answered him. Liz Anderson, who was a fifteen year old anorexic cheerleader, had dated Race in the summer of two thousand and fourteen. Race had attacked her with a knife. And, when she told the Principal, Race was dropped from his Ice Hockey team for three matches. According to rumours, he had attacked her when she jogged at Central Park late at night. In the end, Liz died from her illness in two thousand and sixteen. Her death was a warning too all of the city's teenagers to be wary of male teenagers who were famous sports stars, and were prone to violence. Lynne gazed at the Principal. She was going to be a police officer when she grew up. And she was prepared for anything that came her way. Race was promptly arrested for harassment by three New York police officers.

"This isn't over", Race said.

And he was taken away in silver handcuffs, as Lynne was relieved that she had survived her ordeal.


Lynne knew that she was glad when Rose picked her up.

"What happened? Did Race hurt you?", she asked her daughter.

"He will be in jail if he doesn't change his ways", Lynne answered.

"I'll get security for the party tonight", Rose said.

"Okay, Mom", Lynne said.

And she hugged her...and opened the car's passenger-side door. Then she closed it, and put her seat belt on. Rose did the same thing, and drove towards their house.


Lynne grabbed her bags.

She walked up the staircase that led to the bright hallway. She put her bags onto her bed. She opened it. And she grabbed her books and clothes away in the tan cupboard. Rose headed towards the bedroom. Lynne smiled at her; Rose also smiled.

"I'll fix some pizza for tonight if you like", she said.

"Sure, Mom. That'll be fine".

And she nodded...and worked on her novel in her spacious room before she ordered dinner.


"We're going to the fair in the afternoon, Lynne. There's a mirror I want to buy for the dresser", Rose said. Lynne nodded. She looked at the glass mirror that was in her bedroom. It was grey coloured. She always sat on a brown stool to brush her hair with it; she always wanted to be pretty, especially when she was hosting a party for her friends.

She opened the bedroom door.

And she followed her mother outside to go to The Fair of Old Magic.


The Fair of Old Magic had been around for a century. Rose got out. Lynne did the same. As they opened the doors, they saw a lot of families smiling at them. Lynne saw several rides were in motion. Several fortune tellers were making money in their yellow tents; several circus performers were entertaining everyone with throwing darts into the target. Suddenly she noticed a black mirror.

"Mom, can I buy the mirror?", Lynne asked her.

"How much is it?", Rose asked her.

"Twenty-five dollars", Lynne answered.

"Do you have enough money for it?".


"Good. I'll pay for coffees, and cakes", Rose said.

And Lynne smiled, then bought the mirror from an old man named Armin Shallow.


Rose stared at Race.

"I thought...".

"I'm sorry. Dad was right. Yes I'm an Ice Hockey star. But I'm not the ​only star on the team. Anyway, I'm glad to prove to you that I'm not that bad".

"Fine. The party will end at eleven o'clock PM".

"That's good".

And he nodded.




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