The Mirror A novel

Lynne Fraser lives in New York with her single mother, Rose, When she goes to a fair, she buys a mysterious mirror owned by a warlock named Armin Shallow. When her friends have a party, they all fall victim to the paranormal influences that threaten their lives.


4. The Mirror-Part Four



Lynne was shivering.

"What are we going to do?", she asked Race.

"I don't know. Maybe we should cover the mirror with a white sheet-like a ghost", he answered her. Rhonda, Mary, and Tricia, heard the sound of the front door knocking. Lynne opened the door. Frank Oliver, II, the twenty year old pizza delivery driver, handed over three large pizzas, three lots of garlic bread, and two 2 litres of Coke for the party. "Forty dollars, please", he said. Rose handed him a fifty dollar note. Frank smiled. He gave her a ten dollar note, and gave her the change. Then he left the house...and drove the car back to the ​New York Pizza House ​store which was five minutes' away.



The cold night in New York was full of a growing horror that couldn't be defined. Rachael T. Lower glanced at the house, and felt alone. She looked at the stone path that led to Warlock Pine House. She had read about Armin Shallow. He was a man of mystery. The Warlock's notorious reputation was from 1898 to 1902. Over the four years, the mirror was in his bedroom. She had studied him in her Occult Studies three years' ago in the winter of 2014. In her shattered mind, the inherent probability of evil of the mirror loomed largely in the way human beings could be possessed if they saw the mirror for a long time. She had been in the fair. Sadly someone had brought it. She took a long breath, then she walked to the mirror's seller.

"Excuse me, did you sell a mirror?", she asked a man.

"Yes, cheaply too. A teenage girl...and her mother", he answered her.

"What was her name?", she asked him.

"Lynne Fraser. She was with her mom, Rose", he said.

And she smiled, as she checked the address.



Beth Andrews took the sheets off the mirror.

She saw herself with white eyes.

She was dressed in a black gown.

Suddenly she screamed in horror.

Then, seconds later, a black mist descended across her face...and body. And then she collapsed onto the hard ground, and all there was were silence.



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