The Mirror A novel

Lynne Fraser lives in New York with her single mother, Rose, When she goes to a fair, she buys a mysterious mirror owned by a warlock named Armin Shallow. When her friends have a party, they all fall victim to the paranormal influences that threaten their lives.


5. The Mirror-Part Five



"Beth! Beth!", Race yelled.

He headed towards the mirror room. He noticed that she was unconscious. The black mist swirled and swirled across her body; the mist was coming out of the mirror. Suddenly hands came out of the glass. And the warlock grinned as he smiled at them. Then he focused on Beth. And he knew one thing was certain. That, once he was released from his prison, he wouldn't put back into the mirror again.

"You're Armin Shallow", Rose said.

"Yes. And you have my mirror", he told her.

"You have to​", Lynne said.

"I shall never to leave", Armin Shallow said.

And he gazed at Beth.

She opened her eyes, and spoke in a harsh voice.

"How dare you come here Armin. I am now in charge​", the Mistress of Witches said.

And she glided towards the black mirror...and touched the glass with her right hand.



Race gazed at Rose.

"What can we do?", he asked her.

"​We have to do something​", she answered him. Armin Shallow shivered. He didn't expect his ex-wife would be in the human world; he was drawn to the mirror's supernatural power. The Mistress of Witches smirked. She heard the sound of 'Trick r' treating'; she knew it was Halloween time. And she grinned at everyone...and waited for the darkness to consume everyone.



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