Raeghyn's Experience

This is the third book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read the other two books before this one!
Annie-22, Kiera-21, Raeghyn-21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael-22, Calum-21, Luke-21


8. Mean While... At Home

Ashton- Dove came over to take care of the girls while I went to the store. "Hey Dove! Do you know where Annie went?"

Dove- "No, do you know where Luke went? He said he was going to visit a friend?"

Ashton- "I don't, Annie said she was going to visit a friend too. Did he say anything about flying?"

Dove- "Yeah, only because I asked him. He said he was flying."

Ashton- "So did Annie. Is that weird to you at all?"

Dove- "Now that you say something, yes it does. Do you want to call or text Luke and ask where he is at?"

Ashton- "Yes, and can you text Annie and ask where she is at please."

Dove- "Yeah, sure." I texted Annie and here is our text messages:

Dove; Hey Annie!

Annie; Hey Dove!

Dove; I went over to your house today and you weren't there, where are you at?

Annie; I went to visit a friend in Germany

Dove; Oh, okay.

Annie; I gotta go, I am going to breakfast with her, ttyl

Dove; Okay, Bye! ttyl, love you

Annie; Love you

Ashton- "So where is she?"

Dove- "She is in Germany visiting her friend."

Ashton- "Wow, Germany? That is far."

Dove- "Yeah it is."

Ashton- "I will text Luke when I get back so it is not suspicious."

Dove- "Okay, good idea!" Ashton left and I played with the girls and let them watch TV, and of course they wanted to see me on TV so they watched "Liv&Maddie". It was about an hour later when Ashton got home.

Ashton- "I am home. Dove can you come here please?"

Dove- "Yeah. What is it? Did you text Luke?"

Ashton- "Not yet, I called you in here so I am not alone when I text him." Here is how the conversation went:

Ashton; Hey Bro

Luke; Hey Ash

Ashton; Where are you? We were supposed to go to the studio today

Luke; Crap, sorry I am in Germany

Ashton; Whey the heck are you in Germany?

Luke; Cause Ash, I can travel, can't I?

Ashton; Whatever, Bye dude

Luke; Bye Ashton

Dove- "So..."

Ashton- "BTW we weren't really supposed to be in the studio today, I just wanted to make him feel bad for no reason."

Dove- "I know, now what do we do? Are they like together or something?"

Ashton- "I know they are together, but why are they together? I knew she has been acting weird lately, and this is why."

Dove- "Let's not think bad about this situation, she sent me a picture of her and her friend Lizzy while you were at the store. She also posted pictures on Instagram of her and Lizzy. Then on Instagram she posted two videos of a room tour of the hotel, it has two beds in different rooms."

Ashton- "What have the girls been up to?"

Dove- "Playing and watching TV. I have to go home, but see you later, call or text me if you need anything."

Ashton- "Okay, bye."

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