Raeghyn's Experience

This is the third book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read the other two books before this one!
Annie-22, Kiera-21, Raeghyn-21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael-22, Calum-21, Luke-21


2. Eli's Birthday Party

Today is Eli's 3rd birthday party! Luke and Dove got back from Australia a few days ago and now have to set up for a party!

Kiera- "I can't believe our big boy is 3 now!" I said as I got up and Eli ran over to me and hugged me.

Michael- "I know right, he is going to be a great big brother! When are we going to tell everyone you are pregnant?" I said as I picked up Eli.

Kiera- "I have no idea, but we should tell them soon before they start asking questions."

Michael- "How about later this week, let Eli have his own day to celebrate and have fun! Do you know when the bounce house is getting dropped off?"

Kiera- "At about noon, I scheduled for noon, but you know they came late for the twins birthday party, so around noon sometime?"

Michael- "Okay, so in about an hour?"

Kiera- "Yes Babe!" I said, and then kissed him. The doorbell then rang, "I wonder who that is?"

Michael- "I will go check, just get yourself and Eli ready for the party." I went to go see who was at the door and it was just Luke and Dove.

Luke- "Hey mate!"

Michael- "Hey Dove, Sup Mate!" I said as we hugged real quick. Then I side hugged Dove.

Dove- "Hey Michael! Where is Kiera?"

Michael- "She is in the bathroom getting Eli ready for his party. You are welcome to go back there."

Dove- "Okay, thanks!" I walked into the back and saw Kiera helping Eli brush his teeth and said, "Hey Kiera!"

Kiera- "Hey!"

Eli- "Hi Do!"

Dove- "Hi buddy!" I said as he spit and ran over to give me a hug.

Kiera- "What are you up to?"

Dove- "Nothing much, we just came over to help set up for the party! Do you need me to make or do anything?"

Kiera- "Yes actually, I do. May you please go bake the cookies, I have the dough ready, it is in the fridge. It just needs to be put into the balls and put into the oven."

Dove- "Okay! I will go do that right now."

Kiera- "Thank you so much!"

Dove- "No problem, I am here to help!"

Kiera- "Eli come here, you need to rinse your mouth out."

Eli- "Ok mommy!"

Kiera- He rinsed out his mouth, then I got him dressed. I then got myself ready and Michael got himself ready. Everyone got here around 1 and the three kids are playing on the bounce house. The kids got their cookies at around 3 and ate their food, then they all got tired and fell asleep on the couch.

It is now 5 p.m.

Annie- "Thank you for having us over! I am sure the girls had a lot of fun, I sure did talking to you sister!"

Kiera- "Anytime! I am sure all the kids had fun on that bounce house, we have it for another day so if you want to bring them back over, you are welcome to. I had fun talking to you too sister!"

Annie- "Bye! Love you all!"

Emmeline and Sofia- "Bye!"

Kiera, Michael- "Bye! Love you!"

Eli- "Bye!"

Everyone left and went home, Kiera, Michael, and Eli had dinner and watched Eli's favorite movie, "Cars 1 and 2," then they got Eli ready for bed, and he fell asleep. Michael and Kiera then got ready for bed and cleaned everything up and went to bed.


*I will put everyone's outfits on the next chapter*

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