Raeghyn's Experience

This is the third book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read the other two books before this one!
Annie-22, Kiera-21, Raeghyn-21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael-22, Calum-21, Luke-21


10. Coming Home A Week Later

Annie- Luke and I figured we should probably go home today, so we flew home and when we got to the airport I called an uber, and so did Luke. While we were waiting for our ubers we talked and when my uber got there, I kissed Luke bye, and got in. When I got home, I ran up to Ash and jumped up on him. I kissed him and said, "I missed you so much Honey!"

Ashton- "I missed you more!"

Annie- "So, Lizzy said hi, and man I am tired."

Ashton- "Go get ready for bed and I will get your suitcases."

Annie- "Thanks Babe!" I grabbed my purse off the floor and phone off the table and went to my room. I changed and fell asleep right away.

Ashton- I finished bringing Annie's suitcases into our room, and I kissed her on her head because she was already asleep, and I layed down and went to sleep.

Luke's House:

Luke- I got home and I went inside to Dove sitting on the couch, and she saw me and ran over to me and gave me a big hug.

Dove- "I missed you so much Luke!"

Luke- "Me too, I missed seeing your pretty face."

Dove- "Stop making me blush..."

Luke- "You are adorable D." I said then I kissed her. "Let's go to bed! I am super tired."

Dove- We went to bed and we fell asleep fast.

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