Raeghyn's Experience

This is the third book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read the other two books before this one!
Annie-22, Kiera-21, Raeghyn-21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael-22, Calum-21, Luke-21


14. Adoption Center

Annie- Ash and I are on our way to go pick up our new little boy Jason from the Adoption center. He just turned three years old, so he is about the same age as our little girls. We have a room for Jason right next to the twin's room. They helped Ashton and I decorate his room and they went out and got a few toys for their new brother.

Ashton- We got to the adoption center and Jason and a worker were standing by the desk waiting for us. "Hey little bud!"

Jason- "Hi daddy!"

Annie- "Hi little buddy!" I said after he hugged Ashton. He than came up to me, gave me a hug, and said, "Hi mommy!"

Ashton- "Want to go home now?"

Jason- "Yeah! Home we go?"

Annie- "First let mommy and daddy sign some papers, okay."

Jason- "Okay."

Ashton- We then signed a few papers and when we were done, we got in the car and went home. When we got home, Emmeline, Sofia, Eli, Kiera, and Michael were sitting on the stairs by the front door waiting for us. "Everyone, this is Jason. Jason this is Emmeline," I said pointing to her, "this is Sofia," I said pointing at Sofia, "this is Eli, and that is his mommy and daddy."

Jason- "Hi!"

Emmeline and Sofia- "Hi Jason! Wanna go play with us?"

Jason- "Sure!"

Kiera- All the kids ran to the playroom and were having so much fun together. "So, want to go make dinner now Annie?"

Annie- "Yes, and the men are going to cook steak for us adults. Ashton volunteered earlier. We can just make hot dog mac&cheese."

Kiera- "Sounds good to me!" We made dinner and we all ate, the kids played a little more then Annie and Ashton put their little one in bed and we then went home to put Eli in bed too. "See you guys later. Love you!"

Ashton and Annie- "Bye, Love you!" We then went and had some beer and watched a movie. After the movie we went and got ready for bed and went to bed.

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