The Reaper A novel

The Reaper is a creature who thrives on death. When Matt Robertson meets it during the evening as he jogs at night time, he puts his life in danger.


2. The Reaper-Part Two


Matt shivered.

He wanted to go jogging at Shaw Pass Road. He glanced at the cemetery gates. The Reaper glanced at him. "​Over there is Elspeth Rhodes's house. She is eighty years' old. Her time of death is imminent; her Granddaughter Amy Rhodes, is taking care of her. She's thirty years' old​". Matt looked at it. He glanced at it. Suddenly he saw several mourners grabbing flowers to give to their dead loved one's graves. "They can't see you", Matt said. "​No. I'm a supernatural being​", the reaper said. Matt shook his head. "But I can see you". The Reaper nodded. Matt suddenly saw a woman crying. She had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and petite. She walked away from her family. She saw Matt. "Excuse me, are you alright?", he asked her. "Oh, yes. I'm rather distressed over mother's death. I'm Elizabeth Klein", she said. She spoke in a British accent. "I'm Matt Robertson. I'm a book illustrator. My ex-wife died. Afterwards, I took up jogging". Elizabeth nodded. "Are you alone?", she asked. "Yes, I wanted to see her grave". He was about to tell her about the reaper when it headed towards Elspeth Rhodes's house.


Elspeth Rhodes wore a light white nightgown. Her long, blonde hair blew in the evening sky. Her blue eyes focused on her Granddaughter. "Amy, you're silent", she said. Amy, who was dressed in a blue nightgown, spoke in an irritated tone. "I'm not silent, Grandma; I'm worried about you". The Reaper vanished into the air. Then, as it appeared out of the ether and saw Elspeth, it said: "​It's time to go Elspeth​". And she screamed...and Amy fled the old house. Before she died as well from a heart attack, she uttered: "I saw the reaper". And her body was left lying near Shaw Pass Road.


Matt looked at the sky.

"It looks like it's going to rain", he said.

Elizabeth agreed.

"I have to go, Matt. Good bye!".

"Good bye, Elizabeth".

And, as he watched her leave, he saw the reaper appear like magic.

And it smiled as he took the bodies of Elspeth and Amy to their grey graves in the cemetery.

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