The Reaper A novel

The Reaper is a creature who thrives on death. When Matt Robertson meets it during the evening as he jogs at night time, he puts his life in danger.


1. The Reaper-Part One


​T​he Reaper gripped its large shiny scythe in its bony, right, hand. It wore a black cloak across its head. The dark arches of March Cemetery shone in the eerie darkness; the arches had been around three hundred years. He had made a pact with The Lord of Death to steal souls of humans in exchange for immortality. It focused on the swirling mists, as it glided down the dark road with its black boots; its red eyes focused on the lamps that illuminated the Mobile, Alabama town in the darkness.


Matt gazed at the black road that led to the cemetery.

He wasn't sure that he'd meet Tanya again. Her death from cancer two years' ago had caused him to grieve in his own way. The funeral went poorly. Her parents were cold and distant. They didn't want any man to marry their daughter unless he was rich. Matt was a illustrator. He made his fortune helping authors making their books work; he was eager to contribute to society. And, as he saw the Reaper, he screamed in terror until he collapsed onto the hard ground...and hoped that he'd die soon.


"​Get up!​", the Reaper said. It smiled at him. Matt shook his head. He was about to jog along the path when he saw it; it watched as he got up. Then he felt the cold breath that the reaper emitted. He was about to leave when the right bony hand of the creature pointed at him. "Tonight is the night in which I select people to die​". Matt shivered. "So, you collect souls". The reaper nodded. "​It's pure luck that you and I have met. What's your name?​", the reaper asked. "Matt Robertson", he answered. The Reaper grinned. It gripped its scythe in its right hand. And it glided towards the iron gate, and opened them.


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