My Savior

Harry is only three and what he has gone through is what no one has until one day when His Savior comes and changes everything

1. One

Harry Potter lived with his aunt and uncle for in Halloween his parents were murdered.

Harry is only three and his life has been awful

He needed to escape for he was already close to death from what the Dursleys had put him through

One morning there was a sudden knock on the door and petunia was shocked to see Severus Snape Lily's old friend

I am here for Harry he stated

Take him he is still sleeping she snapped

I will he snarled

When is his bedroom he asked bored

Oh you see he is a freak and freaks don't get rooms so he sleeps under the stairs

What kind of monsters are you people he is a young boy and I suppose he washes and cleans and cooks to

Why of course he would be dead weight if not

Well you feed him don't you

Of course not he only gets food if he's good

Severus stormed off to get Harry

Harry he said gently trying not to startle the small boy.

Harry's eyes slowly fluttered open and when he saw Severus he looked as though he was going to prepare to get hit

Harry I'm not going to hurt you I'm here to take you away.

Would you like that

He slowly nodded his head as though he could not believe that it was true.

Alright he said lets go

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