Tokyo Ghoul....Ready little girl

Krika Akamine is an ordinary girl or so she thought


2. Tokyo

Krika's POV:

Since I could remember my father had one red/black eye while the other eye is brown/white and we have to move away a lot because people are after my father and he says

"They want to kill me because of what I am,"

I hate having to move around a lot making new friends, going to different schools and in different houses, I wish we didn't have to move from place to place every so often I want to stay in the one place forever and grow old but I know I cant.

Moving to Tokyo was a risky choice but with the more humans dad thought it would be good too but going to the place where most of the ghoul attacks are is the riskiest thing that my father has ever done because he has always tried to keep me safe for since I can remember after my mother died that is all he wanted well what i think he wants I don't think he has ever wanted me in my life I'm just a problem of his and he has to put up with it well when im sixteen he won't have to put up with me because ill be moving on my own but I don't want to be I can to this if i really wanted right?



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