Tokyo Ghoul....Ready little girl

Krika Akamine is an ordinary girl or so she thought


3. Old love

Kaneki's POV:

I wonder who is this girl I see by a building in an alleyway crying she looks like she is in a bad place at the moment she looks so small from up here and I can see have she is wearing (faded black ripped skinny jeans, black tank top and a red and black flannelet shirt black leather lace-up high-heeled boot her style is cute, sexy, bad girl) She looks amazing but I can hear and see she is crying 

"Are you okay little girl?"

"I am not little and I am fine

"You don't look okay to me with the cut on your cheek,"

"It doesn't matter,"

"Yes, it does to me,"


I jump off the building and land in front of her and say

"Well I want to keep humans safe that is why,"

"But...But you're a ghoul,"

"And how do you know that?"

"You jumped off a 45" building and if you were a human you would have died from a brain bleed and multiple broken bones," She blushes and stand and whispers her apologies

"Your a smart girl,"

"My father says I read too much,"

She reads like I do what was unexpected

"What books do you read?"

"Horror but I do like true stories too like The green mile,"

"So do I,"

We talk for hours then I walk her home but when I get to her front door I ask for her number and ask to see her again and she agrees but I forget to get her name or give her my own.


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