Tokyo Ghoul....Ready little girl

Krika Akamine is an ordinary girl or so she thought


4. Daddy's Princess

Krika's POV:

I don't even know his name and I don't think I gave him mine either I walk inside and my father is asleep in his chair and that I fix myself where my father and I fought and start dinner which will be Ramen then my phone ring with an unknown number


"Hello, It's the ghoul you meet earlier this evening,"

"Ohh...hello, how are you?

"I've been better how about you?"

"It's the same here,"

"Can I know what happened?"

"My father got angry and hit me that's all,"

"Were you to fighting?"

"Yes, I told him I'm leaving at the end of the year,"

"Wow I take it he doesn't want his little girl leaving,"

"Yea he does,"

We talk until my father wakes up here we go again


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