The story behind our insecurities

This is the journal where questions can be answered, or a place where I put a snippet of a perspective of dilemma situations. I present to you 'The story behind our insecurities,' situations would be written or in this case, typed out.

If you want some help, just comment or message on my wall, and I am willing to help you out.

1. Entry 1

What is the true meaning behind every lie? What is the story behind the tears that shed? The heart that hurts so much is tearing apart, but is there anything that we can do? Yes, because that hurt is from the brain. The brain is sending signals of hurt towards the heart… But if it really does hurt… Taking aside that it might be heart pain or there’s something wrong… If your heart hurts after losing or breaking a friendship and/or relationship… and its really true. Then you’re hurting with a broken heart. The broken heart makes you feel like there’s no other emotion to feel except just feeling numb. But after a while, you feel happy. Why? Past is the past, present is the present. Don’t dwell on a relationship breakup, what good can that do? Would it be able to save your friendship? The CLEAR answer is NO. Never ever as in ever choose a past relationship over friendship.

But why does it hurt so much? My heart breaks every single time I think of him, HIM. Every little thing reminds me of him, from his favourite food to the present he gave me for my birthday. Yes, I kept his presents... I keep hoping that he will come back and apologise... but he is happy with the person he is with now... They both suit each other... They give him the things that I wasn't able to give... The time that I wasn't able to provide... In conclusion... I wasn't able to give anything he wanted... I wasn't good enough for his time that he went away and found someone else. Someone who was definitely worth his time. Was able to go to him in time? I did apologised to him though... But I was too late. He said ok and left. What could I have done better? Pieces of my heart as starting to break smaller, smaller that I am not able to put back together... Hell I think I need to get some super glue and just put the pieces together.

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