The Khazra Stone

I'm writing this for my English class so I don't know when it will be updated.
but please enjoy :)


1. stupid stones.

Today was just not my day, I realized after returning from the forest with a bunch of old, boring and dirty stones. Usually, I’ll find at least one that looks kind of interesting but today I was even thinking about not keeping them, and I didn’t. These stones are so freaking normal that I’m not even going to waste my time and energy carrying them outside so I threw them in the trash can.

Someone knocked on my window I turned around slowly


“Exo Hyur what an honor!” I said with an obviously fake smile on my face.

“Nagi Shaiverra the honor is on my side,” he said


One of Exo’s gang members started to laugh behind him. Exo was a mean and heartless creature I have always seen him as a predator, a hunter or just a fool it depends on his recent activities. The thing about him is he’s unnaturally handsome almost no one can resist his compelling blue eyes, his soft blonde hair, and his muscular fair body and just a glance of him can put a girl in a unescapable trance.

He looked me deeply in my eyes and I looked back. We kept It like that for a moment. But I just couldn’t keep a straight face for any longer so I began to laugh.


He looked stumped I don’t think he’s been rejected many times before with all the girls dazing around him.


“well see ya,” I said while rolling down the curtain.


The sun was almost down now so I went to bed so I could get some rest before I had to get up again.

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