“Why are you hiding Jack?” He looks around but can't seem to find the owner of the slumber voice. “I can see you.” It teases.

He woke with a gasp and sat upright in his bed. That dream... He’d been having it ever since he began working on the new case.

You know the story. A struggling New York detective and a mysterious beautiful woman offering him the job of a lifetime. But that is where the familiarities stop.

The job is anything but normal, as he investigates and learns more about the subject, it becomes clear to him that there is a world of unbelievable things happening unbeknownst to everyone.

How far down the rabbit hole must he go to find the answers he seeks?


1. Prologue: The job

It was the third notice this month only. Everyone wanted money, something he found it harder and harder to get. As one of the many private detectives in New York, there should be enough to do, but the inquiries were dwindling.

A soft knock on the door brought Jack back to reality. He cleared his throat and pressed the cigaret bud down into the ashtray.

“Enter.” This was the first time in weeks that a job came knocking on his door. And what a job.

She was the embodiment of the perfect woman. Black soft curls, red lips and wearing a skintight black dress stopping just below her knees that didn’t leave anything to his imagination.

“Mr. Carson?”

“Yes? Can I help you, mam?” She smiled, and time stopped. She was indeed breathtaking.

“Please, call me Debra.” She started, taking a seat in front of his desk. “I’m in a desperate need of a detective.” Her smile faded.

“Just take it from the top.” Jack found his notebook, prepared to take notes as he leaned against the desk in front of her.

“6 months ago… My husband was murdered.” She looked away and failed to hide a whimper as a single tear slid down her cheek. Jack found his handkerchief and offered it to her.

“Thank you.” She paused for a moment to dry her eyes. “You are most kind.”

“Please, continue.”

“It was strange, very strange indeed. I believe that he was having an affair. I assume he told her off and she murdered him out of jealousy.” She held the handkerchief against her red lips as she sobbed lightly. “It was dreadful!”

“He was found in the middle of the street. It looked like he’d falling off a tall building, but there wasn't any. The police stated that he hadn’t been moved, but they haven't found his killer. I’m positive it must be that woman.” She frowned.

“And what do you want me to do?” He asked, writing everything down she told him, noting he had to talk with his contact in the force.

“I want you to follow her, find out everything there is to know about that woman so that justice can be done.” He popped an eyebrow at her.

“Have you talked to the police about this?”

“I have. They don't believe me. So I need proof, and you will deliver it to me.” She stated as she took a stand.

“I will pay you handsomely.” She handed him a card with her credentials.

“Debra Lewis.” He read out loud. “Do you have a name or an address of the subject?”

“I do.” She took in a deep breath and exhaled. “Liza... Liza Lovegood.”

He wrote the name down on the edge of the notepad. “Anything else I should know?” He looked up to find Debra standing at the door with her one hand on the handle.

“There is. Be careful.” Her hips swayed as she walked out the door and it softly closed behind her. Jack loosened the tie at his throat and looked down at his notes once more. Walking around the desk he took a seat and searched through his papers for the number. Finding it he telephoned his contact.

“Johnny? Yeah, it's me, Jack. I need your help. The cafe in 30? Thank you, see you then.” He hung up and turned the chair so he could look out the window.

Lovegood? He'd never heard anyone by that surname before. Was she a foreigner? And more concerning, he knew about the late Mr. Lewis - everyone in town did. His death had been all over the papers for a month before it slowly dimmed out since no arrest was ever made.

And Mrs. Lewis (Miss Lewis he corrected himself in his thoughts) was unbelievably beautiful. For this Liza to have caught the eye of a man with a wife like her, she had to be spectacular herself.

Jack had a soft spot for beautiful women. But in his line of work, it was almost expected. He sighed as he stood from his chair, and grabbed the trench coat and pulled it on. He found his old fedora on the lounge chair in the corner and exited his office.

Before he could start any kind of an investigation he needed to talk to Johnny, his lifelong friend, and contact in the New York police department.

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