What is love? *Chapter 3 is out*

As Twenty year old Ari experiences the loss of her husband and family home and having to deal with a scar... with super powers? Will she be able to process this? Read to find out...


1. what is love?

Chapter 1

​"What is love?"

"Failure is the chance to begin again more intelligently."- Henry Ford

​Ari's Point of View

​I looked down at my right hand, the glow of it... It's as bright as ever. It's not just a glowing... Burning sensation, it's a scar that will forever haunt me in my memories, of those who had died... For those who have lived through the hurt... Loss... suffering. I lost my husband in that fire, I lost all that I was. But to begin again is a blessing straight from heaven.

​What exactly happened...


​Let me explain...

December 25th 2016

​I sat on the couch next to Dawson with his arm around me, this time of year is my most absolute favorite. Mom was running her mouth and dad was shaking his head as the football game went, occasionally shaking his head again, to agree or disagree with the decisions that the players made. "Ma, what's up? Your mumbling, and I know your nervous when your mumbling." I say to her with cautiousness and Sincerity in my voice. She looked at me, the crease lines in her face, for the forty years that she's been smiling and hugging. "Your brother is bringing home his girlfriend today." She said in a urgent whisper, my lips curled into a smile as I looked at the brown haired blue eyes woman before me.

​"Ma, please don't worry about that, I'm sure he'll he do this a little smarter than we did." I say as I nudged Dawson's Elbow and we both smiled. I got up and walked to the kitchen... "Holy Peas and Crackers!" There was fire everywhere! Our... O-Our house was burning to a crisp. Dawson ran through the kitchen to the outside door. I heard crackling noises and ran after him, Ma and dad stayed behind and called to get help... I hope, or... Dad just didn't notice. A small fire spat at my right arm as I ran through the kitchen and sired and burned, I started to cry but had to run after Dawson. Red white and blue lights blared outside our house, thank God they did something that was better than panicking. But once I got to the door it was to late. The beams had already taken Dawson. Poor, sweet Ari lost her husband on Christmas day, they said. Mom and dad hadn't bothered to contact me since then. I guess they felt bad, I was so terribly burned that I had in hospitalization for a month. They worked around the clock to make sure my arm would scar quicker and I was on constant pain killers, every thirty minutes they made take them, I was so in and out that... Half of that visit was a blur. 



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