What is love? *Chapter 3 is out*

As Twenty year old Ari experiences the loss of her husband and family home and having to deal with a scar... with super powers? Will she be able to process this? Read to find out...


2. The flame of you

Chapter 2

"The Flame of you"

​"Sometimes you will never value the moment until it is a memory"-Dr. Seuss

Ari's Pont of View

​I would never say I was little miss go lucky, during my high school years I was a complete disaster. I was always bullied, and got the punch bowl splattered in my face at dances, I got the "Fake blood" trick. They did that whole sneak drugs into my drink thing. I can't tell you how embarrassed I was! But in my senior year, I met my since late parted husband, since he died. Anyways! I met Dawson, he was the most sweetest thing that I had ever encountered.  He was captain of the Football and Basketball team, he was Valedictorian, graduated at the top of the class. He was my knight and shining armor. He asked me to the home coming dance and all the girls wondered why he asked me instead of them. I asked him that question through the entire dance. He always answered, "I thought I may just steal the most precious Jewel of all." He always knew how to steal my heart. After the dance he asked me out on a date, man did I get some hate the next day. I didn't care. He loved me and that was all that mattered. I had finally felt like I mattered to someone that wasn't my parents or my little brother.

I have never felt so lucky. Until... It was all gone. My Husband, My house, My LIFE​, Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? Why do husband that have to experience this? The same with every wife. I want my husband back so badly. Please, just come back to me...

​One year later...

​I woke up, my arm glowed more and more red as the sun started shining in the bedroom of my apartment. I grabbed my phone and looked at it. I never saw anything new, I've lost everyone ya know. The only thing left saving is the arm of mine. It glows red and dims every few seconds, just like a heartbeat. It's been doing that for the past year. The past year ​It's been full of misery and disorientation. My parents hired me a life coach you know. I was so angry, still am. But the grieving process has been slow and absolutely dreadful. 

As I snapped out of my daze as I heard someone knock on the door. I slowly got up and grabbed my gun. I walked to the door to see a young beautiful woman, she wore a freshly cut pencil skirt and a lace long sleeve that fit her figure perfectly. She had loose charcoal hair and sleek silver eyes with a tint of blue. She just smiled but then grew serious.

"Are you Arianna Joy Fawn?" She asked. 

"Yes..." I answered

"My name is Hope, we have to talk."


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