What is love? *Chapter 3 is out*

As Twenty year old Ari experiences the loss of her husband and family home and having to deal with a scar... with super powers? Will she be able to process this? Read to find out...


3. I’m just you normal average mutant

Chapter 3

“I’m just your normal average mutant”

"Reveal bitter people, and screw society"-unknown


"I'm sorry what?" I said to the small woman in-front of me. "What is this about?" I add on and crossed my arms. She breathed in then out. "You have been chosen by the O.S.H. (Organization of super humans). Due to the fact that your arm has been burned to ashes. There isn't a choice here Mrs. Fawn." Hope or whatever her name is said. "I don't understand what you trying to prove?" I snap at her with annoyance in my voice. "We need your abilities." She yelled. She quickly calmed down. "Ms. Hope, please understand that I am not the girl you want for this job." I say to her with caution. Hope only shook her head. "YOU! Are the exact girl we need for this and any further job." Hope said smiling. I only scanned her facial expressions. 

"So, what does this job conclude of?" I ask. Hope looked at me and shook her head with accomplishment. "We need you to go with a team of earth element mutants, further details will be explained if you come with me." She said. We just walked out of the house. I still had my gun in hand. I couldn't help the in-easiness I felt about this stranger. Why can't I just get rid of this feeling. What is it? 

I wonder if they'll be able to help me.

I cant help them... No I just can't that is NOT how things work around here, I look to Hope. She smiled and I sighed. "Fine, help you. Only until you defeat this... Man?" I sternly tell her. She started to jump around and I couldn't help to see that she reminded me a lot of my late husband.

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