Forgive me

Jenny is in love with a guy and maybe he likes her too. But a little problem: It´s one of her twin brother´s best friends.


3. This is not how Calum would do it

The next days, Calum and I write on the song almost every day. Laura is sure that he likes me. I´m not so sure. Sometimes, I think, he wants to be more than friends, but other times it´s like he just wants to be friends. It´s frustrating not to know. Today again, we go his home after school. I take the notebook to find the song, but he almost runs over to me, and takes it out of my hands.  Let me, he says, and finds it. Relax, I mumble. The other days, he let me find it. And now this. It hurts a little and the rest of the time, it is weird and not as chilled as other times.



I didn´t want to hurt her. It´s just because I’m writing a song to her too. A song about, how I´m in love with her. And I don´t want her to see it. Not yet. I plan to sing it for her, before we sing for Luke. And she was hurt by my reaction. I could see it.  Luke and I, have been friends for long time. I know how he looks when he´s hurt and she looked exactly like that. Have I fucked it up between us? Their birthday is the day after tomorrow. Can I make up for it again in one day? I lay down on my bed, feeling bad.



When I come home, I run directly up to my room. I close the door and can´t hold the tears back. I sit down on my bed, with my face in my hands. Someone knocks the door. Jenny? It´s my mom. Are you alright? Don´t want to talk about it, I say, and hope she leaves me alone. Are you sure? She sounds worried. Yes, I´m sure. I can hear her walk away. Thank God.  Some minutes later, someone knocks the door again. Jenny? It´s Luke. Before I can say something, he opens the door. He closes the door and sits down beside me. What´s wrong? It doesn´t matter, I say, between the sobs. It must matter since you cry like this, he says and lays his arm around my shoulder. I give up and tell him about it. I don´t know what happened. Luke sounds confused. This is not how Calum would do it. But what shall I do? I ask. I don´t know, he answers and we sit in silence, both thinking about what happened with Calum

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