Forgive me

Jenny is in love with a guy and maybe he likes her too. But a little problem: It´s one of her twin brother´s best friends.


2. Need help?


He wants to know me without Luke? My body is filled with happiness. And he blushed. Does that mean that he likes me? He stops the car and opens the door. I follow him over the road. It´s here, he says and stops in front of a dark green door. He takes his keys and unlocks the door. We go inside and take our shoes and jackets off. Hello? Someone yells from the kitchen. It´s me, Calum answers and a woman come out of a door. Hello, I say, and smile at her. Hi. What´s your name? she asks. Mom, this is Jenny. She is Luke´s twin, Calum says, before I can say something. She nods. But where is Luke? She asks and looks confused. He´s at home, I say. I´m helping Calum write a song for Luke. For our birthday. She nods but still looks confused. Come, we go to my room, Calum says, and I follow him. He stops in front of a door, but doesn’t open it. I can´t remember how I left it, he says, and looks nervously at me. It can´t be worse than Luke´s. It´s simply impossible, I say with a smile. I hope you are right, he says and opens the door.  It´s not as bad as he says. He takes a notebook from the table and we begin to write.

We work for about an hour, sitting on his bed with the notebook between us. His leg touches mine and the warm makes it burn in my body. He looks at me. I think this is enough for today, he says, and I nod. I can´t hold focus on the song, because he is so close to me. Ehm… we could watch a movie or something, he says, and looks down at the floor. Yeah, I say, happy because I don´t want to leave. We choose a movie and Calum takes some chocolate from the kitchen.  He gives me a piece and I get a bad feeling in my stomach. No thanks, I say, and he looks weirdly at me. I don´t want to be fat, I explain. He stops the movie and looks at me again. You don´t want to be fat? No. Is that so strange? He lets out a sigh. You won´t become fat, just by one piece of chocolate. I know, I know, I say. But if I eat a piece of chocolate every time I get the chance, thinking that I will not become fat, I end up I´m getting fat. It can´t be so hard to understand, I think, a bit annoyed. He lay his hands on my shoulders and his face is close to mine. Now listen, he whispers. Can´t the butterflies in my stomach, just take a break? You´re not getting fat, he says. Trust me. I let out a sigh. I try to say it to myself, but it doesn´t work. He lays me down at the bed, and looks me in the eyes. He´s so close. You´re so beautiful, he whispers. What? You´re beautiful, he says again, and sends me a shy smile. Beautiful and not fat. It feels like he´s going to kiss me. Is he? I never find out, because in that moment, the door opens and his mother walks in. Oh sorry, she says, and walks out again. But there´s nothing to do. The magic is gone. Calum starts the movie again, and we just sit awkwardly beside each other.

Halfway into the movie, the awkwardness is gone, and we talk like before his mom came in. I begin to feel sleepy. Are you tired? Calum asks, and I nod. Because of school? Yeah. Sad, he says, and laugh. I feel a desire to lay my head on his shoulder. Shall I? We try. I carefully lay my head on his shoulder and wait for his reaction. He just lets me do it. It´s okay, right? I ask. Just to be sure. Yeah, it´s okay, he answers. I smile. He said I am beautiful, I randomly think. I smile even bigger. He said I am beautiful. My goodness, I can go on this the rest of the week.  

When I get home, Luke is in the kitchen doing his homework. He looks up. There you are, he says and close the book. Yeah sorry, I say, and remember that I forgot to tell him, not to wait for me. Calum and I watched a movie, I say. Don´t tell him about the song. Don´t. You two, alone? Luke asks. Yes, just us, I answer and take glass of water. I didn´t know that you two were good friends. It´s new. I try hard not to blush. He is quiet for a while. Wait, are you blushing? He asks and walks over beside me. I look away. This can´t be true. You like him? He says, with surprise in his voice. No, I say, and walk a bit away from him. He smiles. You like him, he says again. Now my face is brightly red. He giggles and hugs me. Calm down, I´ll keep the secret, he says, now laughing.  I just look down. Just relax, I´m not angry. Now I look at him. No? He shakes his head. No. Calum is a great guy. He will be good for you and I know he´ll treat you fine. I smile. I´m lucky to have Luke as a brother. But, wouldn´t it be a bit weird if… you know. We were together? I ask. It can´t be so easy, I think to myself. He thinks a moment. Maybe, but we´ll find out. Do you mean that? I ask him. Yes, I mean it. I hug him and he laughs, and hugs me back. If he likes me that way, at all, I say and Luke looks down at me. If he doesn´t even try to hook up with you, when he has the change, is he very stupid, he says. Thanks Luke, I say, and we hug each other.

Later that afternoon, Luke comes into my room and sits on my bed. What´s up? I ask. He smiles. Do you need help? With what? He lets out a sigh. With Calum of course. I still don´t understand and he must see that. I mean, I think I know him a bit better than you do. And you helped me with Anna, so… Okay, I say and smile. Thank you.

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